wonderfun evening

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wonderfun evening

two weeks ago, my gf and her fiancee asked me to go see the play LORD OF THE RINGS. I said no, then I ran into him at a gas station and he asked again[these 2 are actually taking care of me], on an impulse I said yes and am I glad I did. I had a wonderful time. I enjoyed myself and he bought a dvd for them and was picking up another for me which I didn't allow as they are expensive and really I don't even know how to use the stupid thing...But I was thinking how nice it was for a man to do this. When Keith was alive, there was no money for anything, forget a show, forget out to dinner. It was nice to see normal again. As for my old flame that was putting the pressure on, He called Tuesday and the conversation was all about him....for 2 hours....I'm not ready for anyone yet, but someone on here said something here about him maybe not meant for a relationship but to get me started thinking about life after Keith and whoever you were right...Thank you all for being here............Marian
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i am happy you had a good time. you are blessed to have friends like that. as far as your old flame i would forget about him.he sounds as if he is all about self. think about life & keep it on a level that whoever it is, he is all about"you". you deserve !! hugs,
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grateful rca
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glad to hear you had a good time with your friends, yes maybe it is time for you to think about life again. i know what its like to never have money for things like fun and excitement. i don't remember any times like that here either. i pray that you have more days like the one you just had, still praying for ya
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Let me grow up.
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It always helps to get out some times. I'm glad to hear that your trip had a positive effect on you. Sounds like you have some great friends too. ALL in all, you can't go wrong. Keep up the good work!
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Patch, good for you for deciding to go. The more you have fun and do things like this, the less needy you will feel for a relationship, which leave you in a better position to be selective.

We all need to have more fun, it really takes a load off and teaches us that life is meant to be enjoyed.

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Patch, I am pleased to meet you, my name is Diane & I am pretty new to SR. The addict in my life is my 40 yr old son. My 1st husband was a compulsive gambler though so I was familiar with the 12step programs & addiction.
So glad to see you are doing nice things for yourself. As Amnn said " life is meant to be enjoyed " and is she ever right.
Hope things continue to get better for you.
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