Funk?? Carine???

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Funk?? Carine???

Just wondering how you are and if anyone has heard from ya??

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Or However You Spell It....
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There was another thread not too long ago wondering about her. Starting to get worried myself. Someone.....anyone let us know if you've heard from her. We should seriously have a quarterly roll call.....or check in........I recently had to call Nevergivingup out of hiding.
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grateful rca
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i was wondering the same thing, i miss her too, i hope all is well with her and i'm also praying for rain
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Get Caught Reading
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I'm missin' em too, and beginning to worry.
Praying that all is well in their world.
I had to laugh at you, Teke. "Praying for Rain".
Just kinda got a vision of a dried up well, and I was off.
Your a cutie patooty.
Where have all the flowers gone?
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Just plainly tired
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Funk... I am chiming to see if your around as well.
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Just plainly tired
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I just took a peek snooping and saw she was on SR May 1st.
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Funk, Come out come out where ever you are!!! Hoping no news is good news & she's having an absolute blast somewhere.
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Please let us know how you are. You know how we worry about you and anyone else missing.
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Funkster, really missing you. Please come home soon!
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