What makes you laugh?

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What makes you laugh?

I am going to be housebound for awhile here, recovering from hand surgery and now pneumonia. I am sending my son to the video store to get lighthearted things to help me pass the time.

Who is your all time favorite stand up comic? What is the funniest movie you've ever seen? Theonly danger that I might choke from laughing... but I will take that chance.


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The Blue Collar comedy tour is funny.......sometimes a bit over board but funny.
And I think the last funny movie I watched was Hitch. with Will Smith Its an old movie but it was on one of my pay channels. It was cute
Have fun with your movie day
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I don't know if you can get it on a DVD, but there are reruns on HBO of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". It is about the life of Larry David who created Seinfeld. I loved Bill Cosby when I was younger. A favorite movie of mine is "Caddyshack". Other ones I liked were "O Brother Where Art Thou" (It has George Clooney) and "Meet the Parents." Hope you are feeling better soon. Marle
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Hi Cat's Sorry about your health situation - laughter is an excellent idea - I always like Overboard with Goldie Hawn and A Fish Called Wanda - True Lies both with Jamie Lee Curtis. My passion is reading and I tend to read Mystery or History of Jewish concentration camps WWII and I do love poetry it says from the heart what I can't put into words - Try to enjoy your confinement - sounds like you are making good plans ((HUGS))
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Hi, Bill Cosby, "Himself"

It is showing at different times on HBO, if you have it.


The movie, RV, Robin Williams.....
get better soon,
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remember to breathe
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my favorite stand up is ron white
funniest movie wild hogs

get well soon
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Recently, the funniest thing I've seen was Tim's baseball team playing his league's top team...these kids are REALLY good, and really deserve to be playing higher-level teams than their age group.

So, Tim's team gets out there, and no lie, the other team looked like World Series champs...while our team looked like the Keystone Cops, running into each other in their efforts to get the ball. Each time they tried so hard to get the ball, and the other team scored 3 or 4 runs without the kids ever even noticing. It was truly funny to watch them - especially since they went into the game pretty much knowing that for them, it was to be chalked up to gaining experience and improving their own game by playing such a tough team.

Us parents think that we should get them new, Keystone Cops style uniforms.
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I love Bill Cosby 'Himself' for stand-up comedy; Jeff Foxworthy too.

Mrs. Doubtfire (Robin Williams) is good, and both Shrek movies are great. Take care of yourself!
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I love Ron White too!

And Rita Rudner, and Steven Wright....

and Carrot Top....
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I agree with Marle, "Curb Your Enthusiam" is really funny. So is the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour".
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I love "See No Evil, Hear No Evil" with Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, it just made me laugh until I hurt.

Also, I'm a Chevy Chase fan and "Funny Farm" always cracks me up.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

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This is old, but it is awfully good with an old All Star Cast...
"Its a Mad Mad Mad World."

The sequence where the couple is trapped in the basement of the Hardware store is priceless.. "Its only a little Dynamite...."

Anything Stooges, Marx bros. and Abbot and Costello is good too.

Sorry.. but I like old movies.
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What about an oldie but a goodie, "Some Like It Hot" with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. Marle
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babies growing up and all the funny things they do.
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I love some of the movies that Mel Brooks directed. Blazing Saddles (my favorite) and Young Frankenstein.
I agree with Ann, See No Evil, Hear No Evil. That was a funny movie. I like Gene Wilder too.
Take it easy and hope you feel better.
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I like Jim Carrey & some of the Adam Sandler. Another movie is called "Baseketball". Of course, they are all a little out there. My kids got me hooked. Actually, I gravitate to "Die Hard" movies, "Lethal Weapon" movies & "Robocop".

I also loving reading murder mysteries. When I had my 1st back surgery I read so many murder mysteries I could kill anyone & get away with it. And, yes, both of my ex's are still alive.

Reading was a big thing for me.

Oh....and I LOVE Animal Planet & Law & Order....all the differents ones.

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grumpy old men
grumpier old men
war of the roses

keeps me these three movies
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grateful rca
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what about "life" with martin lawerance and eddie murphy
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Hope your weekend is going well.
You poor thing. Sorry your under the weather.
My all time favorite funny movie is the one with Tim Robbins and
Martin Lawrence. It's called...Nothing to Lose.
You will laugh like you've never laughed before, sweetie.
Ya gotta see it.
Hope ya don't have stitches, cause this flick will rip'em right out. lol
Let me know how you loved it!
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I like Carlos Mencia (sp?) for a current comic and I used to LOVE Steve Martin's old stand-up routines. "Are you small??"......remember?
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