What makes you laugh?

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Thanks everyone!

Giggling is good medicine.

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Yep, I could watch Mel Brooks stuff a couple of times... and Jeff Foxworthy all night long. Ron White makes me laugh, but then I get sad watching him... his comedy is too close to home.

Any of the Funniest Home Videos makes me laugh... never can get too much of babies having a laughing fit or idiotic men getting hit in the crotch.
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I am sure Hangin would say... Don needs be on that list.

Jerry Lewis also needs be on the list.

Heeeey laaady
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Don't get undies in a bunch
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Originally Posted by BigSis View Post
... idiotic men getting hit in the crotch.
May you be a man for a day *LOL*

We become idiotic when we get hit the first time as a youth. Scrambles our brains *LOL*
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Your avatar!, sorry couldn't resist!

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Cat, I loved A Night At The Opera with the Marx Bros.
Also, The Honeymooners series might be out on dvd.
Hope you feel better soon!
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It's not stand up, but Anger Management and Big Mommas House are funny. I hope you feel better soon!
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I have to keep the ambulance on speed dial whenever I watch George Lopez either one of his stand up specials , " Why you Cryin ?" or the newest one on HBO , (forgot the name of that one ) but , I almost had to really call 911 because I have athsma and literally couldn't catch my breath .
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