I Am So Upset

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Just wanted to check in with you and and wish you a happy weekend! I think you 're doing real good!

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Insanity- Doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results.

I learned that here. lol

I'm sorry for what is going on in your world.
Years ago, I would have been so angry to have someone turn my son in for stealing.
I would have protected him tooth and nail. Then...
I realized he needed a push. If nothing was done, he would just keep stealing from me. I had him arrested. You may know the story. It's a long one.
Anyway, I feel for your elderly parents. They were raised from another time.
They're hoping that what they do for him is helping. You and I both know that's not the case.
Your sister is only wanting to protect your parents.
Today, I'd have to side with her. He needs a push. Jmho.
Sending prayers up for you and your family, sweetie. It's a tough call for everyone involved.
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Hi Linda, Yes my AS sure does need a push. The push we have decided to give him is go for help. If you won't then forget you have a family. I cannot have a relationship with someone who would hurt my family like this even if he is my own son. My son is not only dealing with a drug addiction but a gambling addiction. Hi biological father was the same way & that is why I divorced him. Maybe its something in the genes..................but how can that be true when my younger son is nothing like that.
Thanx again Linda for the support.
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The scientists say that addiction is genetic, but it occurs on multiple genes and that is why it is so hard to treat. My husband and I both came from addictive families but neither of us got addicted but my daughter did. It must be a recessive trait so that my husband and I carry the gene but do not manifest the illness. My daughter does. Must be a one in four chance type of thing. None of my siblings are addicts but my husband's brother was. Genetics is a fascinating science but so complicated. Hugs, Marle
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