Cheesecake anyone?

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Boy are we still talking about cheesecake..................I just took all the phones off the hook, shut off my cell phone & made myself a fresh cup of coffee so pass me a fresh slice while your at it.
Mr Rozied is in the kitchen making Fettucinne Alfredo for dinner.
Maybe it won't be such a bad night after all.
How do you do those Kegel exercises again !!!
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Hi Bluesgirl, I plan on trying right after dinner & a hot bath!!!
Your babysitter ate all your gosh girl you should have her drawn & quatrered for that!!! If anyone ate all my chocolate they would sure have to answer to me.
Lets just drink our coffee & enjoy our chesecake.
Have a good night I know I plan to. I have to take my phones off the hook more often!!!
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mmmmmm I'm reading "The Sinner" by Tess Gerritsen and the pics of the nuns at Skete site will help me invision the characters - nice to have some cheesecake while I read though - maybe I should whip one up and call it "The Sinner"
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