i can't move

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These are the times where I have to go take a walk with my HP. I let him know I feel overwhelmed and I do know he is there. I let him know I accept his will and ask him to help me not to try to make it my will instead. If my mind starts wandering during my conversation, I will speak aloud to keep me focused.

And it always helps. it always helps me to realize I have been to the darkest point and now he is helping me back to the light.

Let go, let God.

Hugs and prayers
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On a tear
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I write it out, in detail... all the pain, all the hurt, all the anger and sadness.

Then I burn it.

That way, God can have it to take care of.

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let it grow!
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thanks, everyone. we (my husband and i) have been doing spring yard work this morning. the fresh air feels good. i planted some pansies. dirty hands and feet. nice..

blessings, k
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Glad to hear that you are feeling better and good that you have weather you can get outside to enjoy.
My prayers will still be with you.
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I know that "stuck" feeling very well. I was going to suggest go out and plant some flowers, (it always gets me "unstuck"), but I see you read my mind :-)
Glad you are feeling better...
****{Hugs}}} Barb
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PR-sorry you are having a rough day..

Planting flowers or doing anything outside helps me! I always feel closer to my higher power outside and it helps me calm down.

Also, I tend to go to bed early if I am having a bad day too-sometimes just shortly after I get home from work. That way, tomorrow is that much closer!

Feel better!
Hugs and prayers!
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let it grow!
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long live gardening! thanks, secretmom - k
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