Calling all problem solvers

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Hi Cats

Well now problem is solved for opening jars, isn't it? You see that backside cleavage does come in handy, thank the Lord!

Anytime you have any other problems or need GOOD suggestions, you just ask "old mom" here, she knows best!

Hugs & Good Luck,Devastated
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Get in contact with the American Arthritis Foundation. They can probably give you a list of products that you can use while you recover or at least direct you to a local store that may carry them.


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when I finally went to occupational therapy for my illness--it was interesting to see how much I had taught myself how to improvise.

they sell those microwave body washers in med supply stores pharmacy--little towels you put in the microwave-and then kind of sponge bathe yourself.

You are not going to be out of it for long so no need to run out and buy contraptions.Once the cast goes on everything will be easier.

Make sure before the surgery you have all your meals ready-stored in microwave plates in the frezzer-so you just pop in the micro for 2 minutes for a nice cooked meal (all precooked and cut)

Make sure you buy some bottled water and have a bowl of fruit nearby

change all your bedding prior to surgery and have your house in order.

make sure you have clothing ready that is easy t get off and on--no buttons

ah the pets--I have 5 cats and a dog--this will most likely be your biggest problem lol gotta love them

open all the cat food and dog food (wet) and put them all in dishes for a weeks supply covered with handi wrap in the frig

how to keep the cats in??that is a hard one for sure--if you find that one let me know lol.Maybe someone else can do it for you?

I have had a few surgeries so I know how worried you are--things may be easier than you of luck to you....remember drink lots of water and move around a lot after....Someone told me once---if you are in bed and can't get up for some reason to keep doing the alphabet with you feet--moving them to spell out the letters hahaha.........please keep us updated
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Oh Cats, I am peeing my pants laughing here....whose got the Depends?

I am so glad you have got most of this figured out, because all I kept thinking as I read this was "next thing you know, we'll have to learn to gum our food"

I really really hope this all goes well for you, but I can't wait for the stories that I just know you will have to tell.

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Cat, Looks like you got some great idaes...High Five...ohhh sorry, High Four!!!
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...High Five...ohhh sorry, High Four!!!
HEE HEE. The running gag around here is "Oh, that must be something you need your THUMBS for!"

"Hey Mom, give me a THUMBS UP yuk yuk yuk"

to which I mutter "I'll give you a thumb up yer..."

My older son will be gone until Saturday, my younger son (my A in training) will be the one to take me to the surgery and home again. It will be fine, I'm sure. (she says over and over again)
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LOL not yet!!!
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