My Speech Class

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My Speech Class

Hello All,
Not sure if you all know, but I go to college 2 times a week. I take Speech and English. Well next Thursday (not this one coming but the next) I have to do a persuasive speech. Although I have thrown a lot of humor in my last 3 speeches, I am thinking about doing this speech on Crack and how it effects the addict and the family, friends, etc. I plan to start the speech

"I know that this semester you all have heard about Legal Secretaries, My mom, my losing the house in the hurricane, and about how to make a really taco dip. Although I have thrown humor in all of those speeches, tonight I am going to talk about something that is not even remotely funny.... crack cocaine."

I planned on sharing my Saturday Night Nightmare thread as part of it but I just a little help with the rest of it. ALthough I plan to pull a lot out of these thread if any of you have any one liners, etc that could help I woujld greatly appreciate it. I plan on ending the speech with

"so before you smoke that first pipe, snort that first line, inject that first needle or swallow that first pill, just know that only are you hurting yourself but you are destroying your friends and family also. Please don't even start doing drugs"

Thanks a lot for your help.

P.S. can someone tell me how to close a thread?
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