don't make me call out the flying monkey's...

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don't make me call out the flying monkey's...

good morning everyone,

i'm feeling grateful today - the weekend weather is going to be good - lil guys are all still sleeping - bigger guys are all at school - i've had my first cup of coffee and gotten my 15 minutes of peace - a day at the park would be good - isn't that the best feeling? - when you get some sun and your lips get a little chapped from the sun and wind? - yes i'm feeling grateful...

may we all have a peaceful day with many things to be grateful for...

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What a great idea! There is a dog park not far from my house. Perhaps today I will take a break with my big dog and let her run free at the park with all the other dogs.

Today I am grateful for the beautiful weather, my flowers are beginning to bloom again.

Life is good.

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The water behind my home is mirror calm today, the birds are singing and swimming along shore, the sun is shining and spring has arrived.

I too am grateful today and will take myself out there and just suck in some of that serenity.

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I was thinking of looking at "flip flops" today for my feet.
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"For the moment, life is good"
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I had to laugh at your comment about the screaming, giggling girls Blues. Our weather is great so far today. I will be watching a friend of mines 2 year old boy this afternoon and plan on getting the most out of the great weather...
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Calling Flying Monkeys?!?!?!? LOL! What may I ask is that? Brings a funny picture to my mind of the monkeys from Wizard of Oz! Are you meaning for them to come carry you off? That is funny! Have a great day today. I plan on taking my 2yo outside today too! Its a beautiful day today with the high in the 70's with full sun! YAY! Maybe do a little mushroom hunting too. I love wild Missouri mushrooms. They only come up this time of year for about April and May depending on the weather. Id love to go to the park but dont dare get in my car since I have no license. We got lots to do in the yard anyway. We got one thing cooler than a park. We have a creek! We can play in the water and get our feet wet! So you have fun today with your little ones! Your a blessing in their life.
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that saying was on a pillow i saw in a catalogue - for today it just means you can't ruin my mood, but if you try i'm going to have to call those monkey's - that was the only part of the wizard of oz that sort of scared me - oh how i wish that was the kind of things i was still afraid of - lol...

you have fun with your little one too - and we have a creek at the park by your pool - the lil guys all got crocs yesterday at the store - they are good crick shoes - ugly but serve their purpose...

lots of love,
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O.K. Now I understand the monkey comment. It's pretty nice here as well. It will only be in the 70's which is great for AZ. Maybe I should check out the "park" idea. I've been on this computer 3-1/2 hours putting out resumes & applying for jobs. I think I need a break.

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Yes, I can't wait to get off work and go home and run with my doggies in the sunshine! It's kind of cool here, but we're going to play and play anyway.

I love that coffee in the morning peacful feeling. It's the best time of day. I've been getting to work a little late lately because I've been loving my coffee/quiet so much.
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Great post.
I am feeling grateful that my bf and I can talk about things other than his drug usage/recovery ... at this moment in time.

Ah how difficult it is to get off the merry-go-round of addiction. Even recovery focuses alot on the drug usage- it cannot just stop being a topic of conversation.

I am grateful for the weather- the warmth and the sunshine.

Also thankful to have such inspiring and wonderful people here at SR.
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grateful rca
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thats a good idea, i think, though we are still waiting for the sun here. hope you have fun in the park and with the girls
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