We're getting a puppy!!!

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We're getting a puppy!!!

This little angel will be coming home with us on Saturday. My boys are so pumped!! I think her name is going to be 'Dakota'.

And here is her future husband 'Dante'.

Won't they make some pretty babies in a couple of years?????

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OH!! Now how cute is that? Congratulations. I love puppy breath!
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Hey, how did you put that picture in there? I just got a new 1 year old dog in our house. She's a Border Collie mix & she is adorable. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for bigger dogs.

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Oh please bottle some of that puppy breath and send it to me. I love puppies. And what a beautiful one you are getting. Hugs, Marle
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How stinkin cute is she???? I love the bright blue eyes. She looks so soft an cudlely. Enjoy
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Even as a cat lover I have to say, that is one adorable puppy.
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grateful rca
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oh they both are so cute, i love puppies too. i'm gonna get some in a few days looks like it. my little "precious" is about to deliver soon. now you'll have something else to help keep your mind occupied. congratulations
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so cute, i love puppies.......
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I want one! : ) They are so cute!
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when I get back from my trip with Mom I am going to be "puppy shopping" too! My cats will help with the training!
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What a GORGEOUS dog!! Such pretty eyes!! I love animals and have two big "babies" of my own. They are such great companions. The best, actually.
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She is absolutely beautiful and I wish Dakota and Dante a long and happy life together. We have a black lab named Dakota, she came with that name, but is more often known as "biddy" (because she is lol).
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Duet the best of luck! TOO CUTE!!!! *squeeze* ahhh nothing like puppy kisses with the breathe to go with it!
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Yum, I love the smell of a new puppy!
She is the cutest!
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Puppy breath, puppy breath.
I love the smell of puppy breath.

He's adorable. I would love to have a new puppy or full grown dog.
It's not fair. I spend too much time working and wouldn't have the time and energy it deserves.
Your so lucky!
Enjoy your new addition.
With love,


This is my cyber puppy. I named him Dashel.
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I think I figured it out. This is Angie....our newest family member.
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I love her Rose! I have been thinking Border Collie or BC cross and Agility work!

A dog (or my cats) can take all the "bad" in the world and make it good and right!
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let it grow!
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well, don't tell my daughter. she wants one BAD and i keep saying NO. ha! k
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Awww Jen such a cute puppy. She'll have a good home. Congratulations!!

And Blackrose, you've got a beauty too.

I've got 2 puppies. They will be 2 yrs this month. Even though they're not going to get much bigger they will always be my puppies. They are brother and sister and I just love them to death.
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What beautiful dogs and puppy! I want one. Actually, I am keeping my eyes open in case one comes along that catches my eyes and captures my heart!

We lost our 14 1/2 old family member nearly 2 years ago and we still miss her.
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