The folks here at SR

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The folks here at SR

I've been reading the threads regarding other sites for families of drug abuse. I post here rarely, but read almost daily. Sometimes I need a break, and try to get on with my life on my own, try to forget all about my ah and his rapidly sinking ship. However, I always come back.
I found SR after I almost killed myself with booze trying to deal with the devastation of drug addiction.
The people here are the kindest I have ever "met.". I have gotten so much great advice from people who really seem to care. I haven't had the guts yet to file for divorce, but know now that was the best advice. Like so many before me, I thought my ah was surely different from all the others.
The reason I keep coming back is the gentle nature of this site. Surely all of us have been touched by words from Ann, Greet, Loves, Teke, Marle and all the wonderful people here. At the same time, we have each gotten a little push when we need it.
We know the reality of drug addiction. SR has a "soft" approach, which in our dark times, seems very comforting. To know there are people who are walking with us gives us strength. In a bad situation, SR quickly responds from every direction with the constant support found here.
Just want to say thanks to all of you for helping me in my journey, helping me get just a tiny bit stronger, one day at a time.
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mjpaao, thank you for your kind words. i feel the same way.S.R. has been a great gift for me. i was so lost, so confused & loney when i came here.this site has saved my sanity & i appreciate all my friends here that walk with me. they never fail me.this is my pillow of strength & i do not stray.
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I am a firm believer in the healing power of the gentle touch. That does not mean that I have not had my share of anger and bad feelings due to addiction, but in the end what has helped me the most is the gentle reminders from people here at SR that we are not alone in this. The older I get the more I realize that we can gain a lot by offering a simple hug to someone who is in pain. Everyone has their own path to walk and we will all get to the point we need to in our own time. Until then a little encouragement that it is possible makes a world of difference. Hugs to you, Marle
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I also like the fact that there are recovering addicts here. That gives me hope that someday, perhaps, my ex might find recovery again. And I think recovering addicts themselves can give us the best "idea" of what life was like. It's bad enough they are addicted to drugs & making them sound worse than they are does NOT help. My ex caused enough pain & misery to his family without being told horror stories that might or might not be true in his case.

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We do have a certain combination of that "something special" that makes SR a beautiful place to be......and a second home for a lot of us.

The lights are always on. The love and understanding overflow here. We walk together hand in hand. You know right away when you come here you'll never have to go this alone.

That makes this one of the greatest places on earth in my opinion and I'm proud to be a part of this family.
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I've been coming here for over 4 1/2 years. The "name" has changed but the fact remains that I have come here regularly, and I have benefitted greatly from the experience, strength and hope of others. I go to face to face meetings as well, but SR is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever I am feeling sad, or lonely, or silly or happy or WHATEVER I can pop in and touch base with others who understand... others who speak my language, others who can whack me upside the head with a skillet or nudge me gently with steeltoed bunny slippers... and it's all done with understanding and love.

This place, this cyber home that Jon built, is a wonderful and safe haven for all who come here.

Hugs to one and all
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MJ... one of the things I consider, especially when I post something some of you have read eleventeen times before, is that we have invisible "guests" on site ... all the time.

When we post, we have no idea the hearts we touch. I find that very uplifting. And it helps me to be more careful... I can be a sarcastic, poisonous woman, and have been in the past. Today I know better, so I hope I do better.

Thank you for your kind words - they really are appreciated. (((hugs)))
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MJ, thank you for such nice thoughts of us. Most of us arrived here battle worn and exhausted, and found it to be a safe place of peace, support, friendship and love where we could learn from each other, walk together and help each other along, and share our laughter and share our tears.

My life is more beautiful today because of every person here and those who went before me, and I am truly grateful.

Hugs (we have an unlimited supply)
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grateful rca
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thanks mj, you are so kind, when i first came, i was struggling at every angle, i had already been battered for so long i think that the last thing that i needed was more battering, i'm grateful that this was the first site that i found and i never knew about another one. i stopped here. i found someone who understood that i couldn't take any more battering, i was already feeling like a failure, and i don't want to ever do that to another addict or non addict, i know what its like on both sides of the track. as bad as it can get for an addict, trust me, they do have feelings too. i didn't get the guts to file for divorce either, don't know if i wanted to, cause i always knew that there was hope, i guess my decision was how long was i willing to wait, then i found out that i didn't have to decide until time let me know that it was time. today, my ah is now recovering and is 4 mos clean, and seems to be doing good. i am learning how to enjoy my life with or without my now rah. recovery is possible.

i think i'm rattling now, so thanks, you guys made me feel like i was somebody too.

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i'm grateful everytime i come here. blessings, k
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Hey All!

Haven't been on much lately. Working weird hours this week.

Miss ya, Mjpaao. Glad you stopped in and I totally agree.
This site is a beacon for everyone who loves an addict and needs
someone to reach out and let them know...your not alone because
I can relate.
When you can talk openly and honestly, and there's always someone
who's experienced a similar circumstance, and can give feedback...
you kinda feel a united front helping you along your own path.
I love that!
You all mean the world to me.
With Love and prayers on a daily basis,

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Back at ya.
The best thing to realize, is that you are doing all by yourself with just a little help from friends.

I think coming here, puts it all in perspective.

Helps us put a little order in the chaos,
many of us have suffered through.
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Thank you for putting into words how so many here feel about this place and all the people here who make it so special.
((((( All my SR friends)))))
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What a great tribute to SR. We are all here, working together, welcoming newbies and continuing down our own recovery road simply because we all do care.

We all have our own set of problems but pain is pain and hurt is hurt and addiction is the source. The end result is to make it possible for us to accept, learn, love, trust and be able to put one foot in front of the other and walk baby steps to our own future. It's nearly impossible to do alone; working together we can conquer so much and work wonders.

The upper echelon of this site are the leaders that make it possible to keep SR a gentle, safe and comforting place to come to whether it is to share, gather, vent, encourage or get encouragement. It proves that it works!

Thank you.
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Originally Posted by marteen View Post

The upper echelon of this site are the leaders that make it possible to keep SR a gentle, safe and comforting place to come to whether it is to share, gather, vent, encourage or get encouragement. It proves that it works!

Thank you.
Marteen if I may clarify who the upper echelon is...
It is The Members
The people with the ES&H, the people with the compassion, the people who share the truth, the people who share with love in their heart.
Such people like mjpaao who start a wonderful thread like this.
Thank you.
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Ok, Best, I stand corrected and am in complete agreement but I still say that it's people like MG and Doug who give us all the encouragement to do what we all do as members! And, of course, people like you!! ALL OF YOU!!!

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I love this place too and everyone here. I recently told another poster that without this wonderful forum I would've surely drowned in a sea of tears by now.
One Love, One Peace
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I think we have dedicated a park to the "SR Sea of Tranquility" that has formed from all our members tears. It's become a very peaceful place!
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Originally Posted by marteen View Post
it's people like MG and Doug who ...
and I stand corrected as well *LOL*

Yes without MG and Doug keeping this place working we wouldn't have a place to share. Without such wonderful members there wouldn't be a desire for them to work so hard keeping things working either. We need both and are so blessed to have both a wonderful memebership and a Great admin duo.
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You are indeed a gentleman, sir!
And we are in the best of all recovery places.
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