She relapsed again

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Unhappy She relapsed again

My 21 yr old daughter relapsed again. I have thought so in my gut for about a week now. She is now shooting heroin. Please keep her in your prayers.
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I will pray for your daughter. Heroin is my son's doc. He has also relapsed at least once that I know of. It is a very hard drug to kick, but easy to become addicted to.
Hugs coming to you
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sorry you are goinh thru and your daughter will be in my thoughts
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So sorry

Helpus - I feel your pain and identify completely. My son is not (to my knowledge) using heroin but he has just been discharged (other than honorably) from the military and it's no doubt from failing a drug test. I can't say his is a relapse since he drank all along but had been off any drugs for a year. I was devastated and that's when I found this forum - a few weeks ago.

He hasn't been processed out and I'm dreading all that is ahead. No matter how hard I try to detach I find myself with a bad case of the "what ifs" when something like this happens. I think it makes me less hopeful that he'll get recovery some day.

For whatever it's worth - you have my prayers not only for your child but for you - to help you get through all the pain of watching a loved one suffer with addiction.

I remember this saying I read somewhere;

Let everything happen to you;
Beauty and terror.
Just keep going.
No feeling is final.

I need to remember when I get that gut wrenching anxiety that it won't last. Good things will happen. Different things will happen....just wait.

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grateful rca
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i'm so sorry helpus, i will keep your daughter and you in my prayers and i pray that she finds her way soon.
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Helpus, You and your daughter are always in my prayers. I know how hard it is. I believe that my daughter is using heroin, cheaper than oxycontin. I don't know if she is shooting, but it can't be long before she does. I have heard that the average length of time on heroin before one seriously seeks recovery is about 3 years. Your daughter knows what it feels like to live clean, so hopefully she does not go long before wanting recovery again. Hugs, Marle
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Prayers coming your way for you, and your daughter. I hope, and pray she finds her way.
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Or However You Spell It....
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Keeping both you and your daughter in my thoughts and prayers.....always.
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(((helpus))) i am sorry. you & her are in my prayer, hope
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I am so sorry. I will hope and pray for your daughter to try and get clean again. This is not your fault. Just be strong and hold yourself tightly.
Hugs & prayers
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Stay thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. Keep Hope and Faith alive--she has fallen-now she needs to get up again and start over..
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I'm sorry to hear about your daughter.
You are all in my prayers...
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I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers!
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(((Helpus))) I'm sorry this is happening and send prayers...for both of you.

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Sorry this has happened. I will keep you all in my prayers.
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i'm sorry - for you, for her, for your whole family....


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I'm no angel!
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I feel your pain and disappointment. My prayers are with you and your daughter.
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Thank you all for keeping her in your prayers. I greatly appreciate it. I can't believe my daughter is shooting up. I can't. She was in the ER today for 6 hours. She is now at a friends detoxing. We'll see after a few days how serious she is about getting clean again. She learned the tools. She just has to use them.
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Maybe this will be her last detox. There is always hope, Helpus. Keeping her and you in my prayers.

Hangin' In
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Prayers and thoughts are with you.....
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