Al-Anon vs. Nar-Anon

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Al-Anon vs. Nar-Anon

Good Morning all -

I have been trying to find more meetings in my area, but because I live in a city and do not have a vehicle it is difficult to attend Naranon meetings that may be close but would require a pricey cab ride to get to.

There are however many Al-Anon meetings in my area. I am wondering if it helpful, actually acceptable even- to attend these meetings even though my loved one is a drug addict. I wasn't sure if the members of meetings might not appreciate it or if I might not get the same thing out of it.

Hopefully others can shed some light on this topic for me.
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This is the situation for many here and lots of us have found Al-Anon very acceptable to us and we to them.

The program is basically the same, and since it is about us and our recovery, the substance that our addicts used really doesn't matter.

By all mean give Al-Anon a try, go to 6 or 7 meetings even trying different meetings if that is available to you, and find one that you are comfortable with and that you think will be best for you.

Congratulations on making a choice that will give you a wonderful program that will help you in all relationships in your life. It's all a gift, free for the asking.

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Thanks for posting this question! I have a hard time finding nar-anon meetings in my area too. I have been to meetings before but I have yet to find one I like... But I think I will keep on trying, Good Luck to you!
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Your question is one that many of us ponder. I have attended both, Al-anon first since there was not a Nar-anon meeting available. I got alot from the Al-anon at first then the meeting changed, and I didn't get much. But I can say that all meetings are diffenent, as in Nar-anon, but you take want helps you and leave the rest there. We also have different levels of stress, anger, and trails and tribulations that bring us to meetings. Nar-anon has been the driving force for my recovery, and availability of meetings is a problem. But a meeting is a meeting, helpful even if you get just a nugget of info, so by all means go and see how it works for you. You definiately need to go to more than one meeting to feel how the groups functions. There is always an option of choosing what works best for you, and only you. Good luck in your seeking, they all serve a purpose, it just what you get back that's means the most.

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there are many folks at my alanon meetings that deal with drug addiction, some who deal with alcohol addiction. then others, like myself, who deal with both. the issues are many times the same for several and/or all of us. blessings, k
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My exah is a coke/crack addict. I tried naranon and alanon meetings. I prefer the alanon meetings. They didn't really care what substance our loved ones used because substance abuse is substance abuse. Anyone was welcomed and everyone was very open. (My personal opinion) - - I felt the people in the naranon meetings I went to were not as warm and cuddly, sort of speak.
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Almost ever addict I know, if you take away their "drug of choice" will discover that they cannot drink normally.

So not only do I GO to Alanon, I believe I also qualify fully.

The focus is on us and OUR recovery.

Besides, the ONLY step that even discusses a substance is the first one.... and I just replace the word "alcohol" in my mind with "alcoholic"... which would include my two addicted children.

Go! And I hope you can find a meeting that you love as much as I love mine.

Let us know how it goes... others here will have many questions that you can answer. (((hugs)))
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There are no naranon meetings in my area, there used to be but noone went. The alanon groups here seem to have more people with drug addictions
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Doesn't matter whether it's Al Anon or Nar Anon. Like everyone else has said, you qualitfy for either one. A drug is a drug is a drug and my particular Al Anon group doesn't care what it is the person is drinking or taking.

So I say RUN, don't walk to the next Al Anon meeting! And promise me you'll attend AT LEAST six meetings. You can't judge a meeting or the people by one or two meetings.
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I have been a regular in Al-anon for about 7 years. When I first attended I felt I shouldn't mention my son's drug use - he was a teen and not really drinking then. Some in alanon seemed to feel it was for families and friends of alcoholics only. So, I just didn't emphasize the drug use.

As time passed I learned that many in the program do feel it is for any addiction and I found a terrific meeting for parents.

Then, of course, my son started drinking anyway. Most of us in the program feel like we can all qualify one way or the other and I've been to meetings where they openly mention that the group considers that it is for families and friends of acoholics and addicts.

So, try different groups if you don't feel as accepted one place or another. It has saved my life over and over and over again.
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Ditto what everyone else said. I started to go to Alanon in 1980. Since then it has changed a great deal in that loved ones of addicts are also welcome. You just need to find meetings that you are happy with. I went to few daytime meetings where I lived now & could not relate to the women there. Even the Naranon I went to...everyone but one woman were dealing with a child. And they looked at me as if I were crazy. I found meetings I loved, meetings that were o.k. & meetings I rarely went to. I also went to a "Coda" meeting that was very good.

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I can't speak to the -anon meetings, but I do know that my addict son, heroin mostly, resisted attending AA meetings for a long time while he was in IOP treatment. He is now thru a 30 day inpatient treatment and living in a halfway house, over 90 days sober and prefers AA and CA meetings to NA or HA. In his words, an addict is an addict, regardless of the DOC and I suspect the recovery for those who loves them is a very similar path. I say find what is close to you, convenient and where you can relate.

Just my 2
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