I think I got the job!

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Thumbs up I think I got the job!

Dont get me wrong, I love to be a stay home mom and all, but I need a job. I have bills out the wazoo, a new house with lots of bills, and my bf has been on me to get a job for ever now. Well I got a call from the job that Ive been after. It working in an office at the hospital where my mom works. My mom told me about the job. I went online, filled out the application and they called me today to come in for a face to face interview and to meet with the main boss tomarrow at 10am! I called mom and she said that that usually is a good sign that I got the job. So wish me luck and say a prayer if you can please.

Also on a side note, Im doin pretty good with the absessed tooth. Its been getting better. I threw out the script of the vicodin last week and told the pharmacist to cancel the refill. I wont be taking it until I see an oral sergen, and then only if I have to.
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let it grow!
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that's terrific, gwenmarie! nail that interview! k
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Just plainly tired
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Gwen, I am sending you prayers that you land this job!!

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WTG, Gwen! Congrats and best of luck!
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Gwen, Everything sounds wonderful. Here are some prayers that you get the job and that your tooth heals without too much pain. Hugs, Marle
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Prayers that you will get the job!
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Hug giver-outer!
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Good luck, Gwen. I am starting to enjoy my full-time job. It takes a while to get used to the job and the schedule. At my age, it's knocked the socks off me but I'm starting to get my rythm back!

Congrats and I hope it all works out. Just give it time!
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Good luck with the interview. I'm sure you'll get it.
Prayers coming to you
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I LOVE good news!!!!!
I will be keeping my fingers crossed for your interview tomorrow.
Be sure you post tomorrow and let us know!
Good luck
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This is great news! Just go in and let 'em know you are the best one for the job. Be direct and when you are at the end of the interview if you WANT the job, say so! "I would really like to come here and work for you."

After, send the interviewer a hand written note thanking them for taking the time to interview you.. it keeps you in their minds!

Good luck and best wishes. You can do it! I know you can!!!
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cool gwen...
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Thank you for sharing your good news! Sending prayers that you get
the job!
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grateful rca
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congratulations and i hope your tooth feels better soon. still praying for ya
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Southern through and through
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Good for you Gwen!

Hangin' In
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