shut the duck up!

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shut the duck up!

good morning all...

this saying was on a pillow in a catalogue i got this weekend - it sums up my weekend pretty well too - my sister, after 2 1/2 months of no contact, contacted me on thursday - we had a pretty good conversation - she told me she was going to rehab, talked to the boys for a minute, and told me she would sign a letter saying she and bf were granting me temporary custody of the lil guys and would pay me like $50/week - then me and lil guys did a happy dance singing *mommy's going to get better, lah lah lah la lala...* (funny how daddy doesn't figure into this with lil guys) - i send her a bunch of pics (i hadn't had her email address before - they got email right when he got his money and their descent into hell began) and asked her to email me that she has gotten these things and that she's going to send the letter - no response - nothing for the rest of the day - no return phone calls - no email - nothing - friday morning i send something that says - *i gave you the benefit of the doubt, i really thought you would go through with this, blah blah blah...* i told her i would file for formal custody and she could fight the state of IN for custody of her kids - wow!?! the phone rang within seconds of that email - sister says *i am being honest and sincere - oh my god* - i say ok - just answer your phone - respond to your emails - or people think you're not being sincere - if you're sincere and honest i'll help you in any way i can - if you're not then stop calling or i won't answer you and i will file for formal custody...

the rest of the weekend nothing - sunday morning some bs email - we need your help - our phones don't work - please help with guidance and advice - blah blah blah - nothing after that...

so here i sit - read ann's wisdom for the day - getting kids ready to go to bank, post office to send state tax return (i owe to the state can you say procrastination) and take them to the library - i'm going to take a shower and start my busy day - i'll eventually send sister and email and leave some messages to not call here - and that if she needs information on what to do to get kids back she can call child protective services in IN - i'll go the courthouse eventually but i guess there's no hurry as they are both probably using and this isn't an issue for them at the moment...

i'm glad i didn't post when i still had faith in sister and bf and them doing to right thing - it was actually a good exercise for me this weekend - i wish i didn't get as upset as i did friday morning but now i realize how good at manipulation an addict really is - god i wish i didn't - oh well...

that was my weekend - today is a new day and i choose to be grateful for what lies ahead - (and that i get to go to starbucks and my favorite meeting with some of my favorite people tonite - have a geat day all...

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I'm sorry you and the lil' guys were let down. It's a vicious cycle that I wish none of us were on.
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all i can is thank god for alanon! blessings, k
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