Shaved head?

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Shaved head?

Got a silly question. Maybe it's nothing at all, but I think it's weird. My AH has been shaving his head even before we started dating. He would grow his hair out all nice (only cause I begged and threatned sex when we were together) and told me numerious times that he likes long hair and will keep it that way, only to find him bald the very next day.
Does anyone know the deal with that? I'm talking Mr. Clean bald! Every so many months he would go through this ritual. It drives me nuts.
You can see your face through his scalp. Is this his way of disctracting you from seeing his eye's? (because to me they are much more red than usual and the dark circles around the eyes are horrible) Then he will put a baseball cap on and wear it around the house ALL DAY!
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mmm..i don't know what it is. Every woman i've ever got into
a relationship with, had long beautiful hair when first i met them.
She cut's her hair usually after a big argument. First to shoulder
length. If the figthing continues, the next thing i know it's
short, short. Everytime I win an argument...she'd cut her hair
or do some other unhealhty acts.

There's been study done why people gamble. my gf had a gambling
problem..They push that botton over and over again..ya see..
To have control, as destructive is it is....they are in control,
making those decisions. The more i told her of how bad it was
the more she did it...ya see.

usually when people first get clean and sober
"you have chioce" is stress over and over again,
To let people know they are free to make chioces for themselves.

My gf hair is growning back to shoulder length again.....progress , progress. I'm making
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My only thought is he subject to drug tests?....Making it impossible for them to get a hair folicle test.....

Just a thought....
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grateful rca
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could it be more of a personal preferance, even though he tells you want you want to hear because you threaten sex.

my rah, shaves his head too, he'll grow it out because i like it grown out, but he'll soon cut it because i guess thats what he really likes. another thing is i think he wants to hide his receding hair line.
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i have many friends that shave their heads. it's just a preferance,
while my hair is pass shoulder lenght.
One my freinds told me he was going to shave his eyes brows, if his
girl friend didn't stop naging at Cuz his head was shaved
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LOL, everytime I left my 1st husband, I cut my hair short. Even though I threatened with my ex, never did it. I think it is a woman thing to get even.

You ah. Does he have a receding hairline? Has he done jail or prison time? Does he work outside? My ex started shaving his head because he was losing his hair. And instead of combing it jail it seems to be a thing to do...told me it's that "tough guy" look. And he was one of the "hard" ones. Then he said it was easier to take care of because he works outside. Seems to be really the style now & I can figure out why? I don't really think it has anything to do with drug usage. By the way, I asked how they do a hair drug test if you are bald...they take hair from another part of your body.

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my a.s. shaves his head every so often, so does my grandson.with them i think it is just because they like it, it does not mean we do. i sure don't...
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He accually has a full head of gorgeous hair! As far as drug testing at work, he told me they make you pee in a cup. Maybe he's wrong. Hmmm. Maybe I'm crazy. But I think he's nut's for shaving his head. Even if it's preference or psychological.
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Maybe, he's just making changes.
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Just personal preference, maybe. My husband has gorgeous thick black hair and he's worn it long, short, and not at all, sometimes in cycles. I tell him what I like best (long) and leave it at that -- I don't own him or his head, and if he likes it that way I've no right to change him. (I actually think it's a little exotically sexy when he goes bald for a while, but I don't tell him that)

No offense intended here (everyone's relationship is different), but if he withheld sex because MY hair was long or short or not blonde or too many gray strands or whatever, this would be a very, very short marriage indeed. MY head, I get to say what I do with it.

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I think it's weird. My AH has been shaving his head even before we started dating.
My husband like long hair - I don't. He says I look more beautiful with long, luxurious hair. He has no idea how difficult it is to maintain. He thinks HIS opinion should be primary.

I never talk to him before cutting it because it only leads to an argument.

We actually got divorced in 1990 and remarried 3 years later (No, smile, not over this issue)... BUT one of the discussion I had to have with him before I agreed to remarry was this:

My hair. My decision.

I wish you the best.
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let it grow!
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beauty is in the eye of the beholder. i personally would love to shave my head. no more hairdresser bills. blessings, k
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I never thought I'd be with a man who was bald or going bald, but my ex was the "hottest" guy I've ever known. So, I guess we never can be sure what we like. But then again, I didn't fall in love with his hair.

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Omgsh. Every time my ah gets drunk he wants to shave his head.
Perhapse its alcohol and psychologicaly related
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Getting there!!
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wow - this thread is from 2007!! lol

I thought all these old threads were gone!
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