Buy back Xbox 360?

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Like my mommy told me when she was sure and it was

the last thing I wanted to hear and I knew I couln't even

go and beg Daddy behind her back because that was that...




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Reminds me of the time my ex had already moved out of the house and he decided to sell my kids tv that was sitting in my living room for $10, and told the people they could just swing by my house to pick it up.
Oh yeah, that went realllll well.

If that game system ever ended up in my house I'd get an etcher and etch on it in big letters " not to be pawned for drug money". But then I'm kinda confrontational in my methods, lol.
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my AS sold the radio out of his wife's car.........said he needed food....yeah, right! Well, he is coming out of rehab this month after six months clean.........guess what> ? He's getting an unwashed car, with no radio.....same as he left it......all dented and everything.......maybe when he sits in it he'll have something to think about (how low he went) 'cause there won't be any music to distract him........that's for sure! so.....if you are asking me .....NO! been there , done that.......believe me he won't appreciate it. He's sick and he needs to understand just how sick he stay strong and take care of you. You are important! And by the way......the first time my AS entered his first rehab he was complaining because the batteries on his IPOD were out and needed recharging.....needless to say that rehab didn't work! Too much of a country club........this time he is on a farm, working, getting up at 5 a.m. boot camp! Better results all around or maybe he was finally sick and tired of being sick and prayers are with you.....dixie
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In a way I feel like I should because he isn't here to do it himself and we bought it with our wedding money and in another way- I don't care if he gets it back becasue it could just be pawned again when he gets out of rehab.
I think you should trust your gut on this one. It is so hard to navigate our way around our behaviors when our loved ones get into rehab, and help. I read the book "Codependent No More" and then followed the principles I learned in the family groups at the rehab center where there told us that our gut generally is right.

I understand your desire to help and do everything you can to support him through this rough time. But sometimes helping hurts.

Big hugs to you and good luck!
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Just to follow up- I didn't buy it back, and I have no intentoins of buying it back. I told my AH that last night when he called from rehab. He said, "you are right, it is not that important and I understand" and for the first time, I didn't do something HE wanted me to do and he wasn't angry... strange.

But, I feel proud of myself.. I finally did something that was right for me! And I wanted to thank you all for your encouragement and support.

Also, you inspired me- my AH's muffler needs to be replaced on his car and I was going to do that for him while he was at rehab....but after reading the posts above- THERE IS NOOOO WAY! After all the money he spent on drugs he could have fixed his own car about a dozen times over! I am taking care of me.

Hugs and prayers,
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Your recovery is sparkling!
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I'm no angel!
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That's it!
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