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Wink The Dream Giver

Originally Posted by SaTiT View Post
I was reading a book once.
It was about a travelers of sorts.
After traveling throught the wasted land, after santuary.
The dream giver ask the traveler for all of his hope and dreams.
Thanks for reminding me of this book, SaTit!

Quotes from 'The Dream Giver' by Bruce Wilkinson:

'Each stage or obstacle along our journey is intended not to block our dream, but to help us break through to the fulfillment God promises.'

'The WasteLand is the place where God transforms you into the person who can do your Dream. It is the Dream Giver's loving gift to Dreamers with a future!'

'Everything you now lack for the upcoming fulfillment of your Dream is being offered to you in the WasteLand. God's promise is that you will lack nothing when you emerge from the other side.'

'Hitting the scary edge of your Comfort Zone again and again proves that you're a Dreamer on the move toward your Dream.'

'On the other side of that single step-the exact one Ordinary didn't think he could take-he found that he had broken through his Comfort Zone. Now the Wall of Fear was behind him. He was free, and his Dream was ahead.'

'Ordinary knelt by the riverbank and wept with joy. The Dream Giver was more kind, more good, more wonderful and trustworthy than he had ever imagined.'

'The Dream Giver gave my Dream back to me. Now it is part of his Big Dream-and that means my Dream is a lot bigger than before.'

'The way of the Dreamer is difficult-but anything less is hardly living at all!'
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grateful rca
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thanks duet, what an inspiration to me this morning.
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Ya know....I kid you not, when I was trying step out of my comfort zone.
it bascailly happened just like book said. All those border bullies came
even down to the bigest bullie of the
Even six months later i was asked to comeback to

I kid you not, when i enter the wasted land...i thought i was going
dy. I almost strave to death, but somehow i made it through.
experience faith is sum'in else I tell foot in front of the other and a trudg'
i just say my arss was falling off.

This book helps me so much, becuase as i was experincing my own
journey. it basically happen in that sort of way. Just the process
of it all and living it. it's a trip.

In valley of giants, fight gaints, set up came sharing with other warriors thinks is going on 4 me.

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Biggest gaint of them all is KING ALCOHOLism.
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