OT Not worth prayers, but fingers crossed?

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OT Not worth prayers, but fingers crossed?

I received a letter today from the "Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences" with the little Oscar in the corner. They will announce the Student Academy Award winners on May 18th. For those of you not familiar, my son is up for the award.
I'm still goofing on getting a letter from the Academy Award people. I mean how many people even get that letter? :-) I'm cool just with the letter!
As my extended family, had to tell you and ask you to keep your fingers crossed. Many people here need prayers, so wouldn't want to detract from that, but if he're all his family too!
If he wins, I will attempt to get him thank the SR family! Before the music starts playing :-)
Love you all!
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Well! How cool is that! You must be brimming with pride!
Tell him congratulations just for receiving the letter! How neat!
I have my fingers crossed for him......
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Originally Posted by Elana View Post
no congrats's just kewl to get that letter. Even if (when) he wins, I still don't deserve congrats...he did it, not me. Unless you understand the power of intention....then you can give me kudos :-)
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Wow that IS cool! I’ll pray for that… I bet God loves getting GOOD news!
Congratulations you must be so proud!
Good luck!
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i think you both deserves a congratulations, mom. and i also think he deserves my prayers. i'm so happy to hear about the letter, and i do pray that he wins. there you go, you've got my vote.
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Oh my goodness!! How exciting!! I'll be keeping my fingers and my toes crossed for your son for sure.
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Sweet !!
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Just getting that envelope is soooo cool and with the other award....look out world...SM's son is on his way! He is so talented...takes after both parents...what a winning combination. Hugs...crossing fingers, toes, legs....
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lol. sorry. couldn't help it, you devil.

Glad to hear about the letter. Wow! That's somthin'.
Tell'em good luck!

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From where I sit, he has already won just by getting nominated and recognized. Some of the greatest artists have never won the award, but are still great artists worthy of recognition and praise.

Win or not, your son is definitely NOT a loser. CAN tell him that this Canadian Codie is rooting for him and will personally bunny slipper butt kick anyone who thinks he is less than "the best".

When he looks down from the podium and sees an old broad in bunny slippers, probably sitting between a woman with Moose Lips and a southern belle in a hoop skirt...he will KNOW who we are and why we are there.
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I meant congratulations for the letter and feeling soooooo good!

gosh.. if he wins then that will be a whole nother set of fireworks!
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he is worth our prayers & so are you.we can pray for good things in our life too. i pray he wins this award.i know u are so proud of him. prayers,hope
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Yes, it is worthy of prayers & praise for everyone involved - because


soooo - sending a prayer to my HP "Please tell Secret Mom's HP that her son has received the nomination letter and if it is in the plan? OK?
Thanks, HP"

Best wishes to Secret Mom's Son,

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Dear SM - As Ann said he is already a winner by being nominated - WOW! that is something! -
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I will keep your son in my thoughts and prayers and send some of those positive vibes his way. That would be some accomplishment. Frame that letter and envelope Hugs, Marle
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