We DID it!!! Finally!

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We DID it!!! Finally!

We finally got together for our luncheon and had a TERRIFIC time! Jansie, Greet and myself. (Pam and Patti are both sick, so will join us next time)
First, I must say, they are both as beautiful inside and out as they seem here online. We talked and talked and talked some more. Over two hrs. went by that felt like 30 mins.!
We passed around pictures, had the waitress take the attached pic, ate way too much delicious food and the restaurant was perfect. No one tried to kick us out and it turned out to be almost exactly in the center of all us.
Sharing the fun and doing the happy dance!
Love, SM (barb)
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OOPS...forgot the veils! j/k
Everyone said to skip them :-)
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Sounds like you had a great time. Good for all of you. At least with this picture I don't have to guess who is who. Hugs, Marle
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Ahhhh sooooo cute!! I love it!!!
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I'm no angel!
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Love it! Sounds like you have fun.
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It was a wonderful treat and Barb and Jansie are beautiful, sweet, caring people that know how to laugh too! Thanks for putting this together Barb (and bringing the camera). Pam and Patti, hope you both feel better soon and we can do it again with the 5 of us! Hugs
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OMG ! I am sooo happy you all got to meet. How wonderful. You guys are too cute. Next time you guys get together, let me know where cuz I just invited myself. Hubby just ordered a GPS so I should be able to do a "rode trip' w/o ending up at Loves. What a great picture.
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oh, i am so glad to see you three. you all look good, & it sounds as if you had a great time. i am glad you 3 made it. i hope pam & patti get well soon. i hope to meet some of you one day. S.R. is great & so are all of you my friends.
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I wish I could have made it. Sinsus problems are starting early this year
Been to the doctor twice in one week, have to go for a CAT Scan on Monday, and the specialist in a couple of weeks.
Hope we all can meet in a couple of weeks, let me know.
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How cool!!!

I'm so happy you could all get together in person! Sounds like you all had a blast...and you're all so dang pretty!!!

Thanks for sharing the picture!! It made me smile!!
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Very cute! What a great looking Bunch!!!!
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Three beautiful codies, inside and out.

I think it's a wonderful reflection of the "family" atmosphere here that people can get together in person with total strangers who feel like lifelong friends.

I'd love to have been a fly on the wall and listened to you all.

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grateful rca
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you guys are so pretty and you look like you had a blast, i'm so happy to see that you guys got together for real. MAN i'm jealous, i wanted to go. well maybe next time. i wasn't feeling that well today, but you guys made me smile anyway.
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Look at you all, so pretty, and BEAMING!
Such a nice picture.
It's SOOOO much fun to get together!

Mr. Moose and I just had lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Hangin' In on Monday, and we had a wonderful time.

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Get Caught Reading
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Wow! You ladies are HOT!

It sounds like you had a great time. Wish I could have been there.
You all look so happy and comfortable with each other.
I knew it would be like that, when we get to meet each other.
Just like family. I'm jealous too.
I love you ladies, and hope you get to do this again real soon.
I wanna come with.
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I think it is so wonderful when people meet up from here! The picture is beautiful....just love it when I get to see pictures...Thanks for sharing!

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I'm so happy for you guys, sounds like you had a great time. And the three of you are beautiful!
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On a tear
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So left to right... Secret Mom...Jansie .... Greet?

Did I get it right?

You are ALL dolls!!! I bet it was a wonderful get together!!
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Originally Posted by BigSis View Post
So left to right... Secret Mom...Jansie .... Greet?

Did I get it right?
You sure did Big Sis! I'm the "old lady" of the bunch! Although we had a table of 4 ladies next to us and they had to all be over I didn't feel too bad. :-)
Heck, I hope we can still "do lunch" when we are that age too!
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oh that looks like fun - i remember meeting (in person)with some folks from another board i belong too (miss - for parents who have lost children) and someone commented *we all look so normal* - that always takes me back - i mean i've never thought of myself as abnormal - just living my life - you know - so to you all i say you look incredible - normal is nothing...

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