i believe in miracles !?!?!?!?....

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i believe in miracles !?!?!?!?....

<humming, since you came along you sexy thing, you sexy thing you... sorry>

i just got off the phone with my husband - my sister (who has not spoken to me or her kids in almost 2 months - who is in active addiction - who's bf lil guys father is in jail for assaulting a police officer - who has been reaching out to people since last tuesday) called my husband to ask if she could use our address to go to a one year rehabilitation program here in indiana (she lives in illinois) she found out about this program when she lived with us for a couple of weeks over the summer (their electric and gas had been shut off - she was starting to get things figured out here ie; housing, public assistance, etc..) her oldest son, 17 and lives in florida with his dad, had to do 20 hours of community service and i found the volunteer program through the paper - he volunteered for a women's shelter/drug program house - over the summer she kind of volunteered a bit of her time their too - it's a faith based, huge older home where recovering addicts live with their kids - she apparently called them this morning and they have room in a one year program but you need to live in this county to participate in this one year program - she said she needed an address and husband said she was incredibly nervous - she asked that i not call her or anything because it would just scare her (not sure why i'm not as angry at her as she thinks i am) - my husband asked how she was going to get here (he felt she sounded in no way able to drive the 4 hours to get here - or to the program around here) and sister said she will find a way if she can use our address - husband told her of course she could and he hopes this works - she told my husband she appreciates us watching the kids and will pay us back somehow...

soooo....... here i sit - typing away to all of you who have prayed so much and shared so much and wondering - is this really happening? i called my mom and she didn't answer - i don't know if she is driving sister here or if sisters' boyfriend, lil guys dad, is still in jail - i really don't know anything - i just hope this is really going to happen - i hope...

do miracles happen? i haven't said one word to anyone except my husband - he wanted me to find out if this was just *quacking* or if it was for real but i don't want to call anyone - since mom didn't answer i don't want to get my hopes up and then be disappointed but this is something so good - i had to share with someone - please pray for my sister - that this is real - and that her lil guys will get their mom back...

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Sending prayers for your sister. Maybe losing her children was the wake up call she needed to try to get her life back. At least it is a start in the right direction. Just keep your expectations low. It is her recovery and she must do it her way. Hugs, Marle
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Prayers for you and I am happy for you and your family.....................any sign that they are ready to help themself is a good thing..............
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sending prayers.... let us know how things are. hugs,
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You crazy nut - everytime I see your title, that song comes into my mind!!

I pray that this miracle continues in a positive way. You just never know when they "see the light"...

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We all best just keep on praying!
It works!
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Great news and any time an addict reaches out it truly is a miracle.

Wishing all of you bright paths ahead.

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Miracles happen all the time. Bless you...Marian
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I'm so glad she is reaching out! Praying for your sister and for you and your family. Hugs
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Prayers this can be her time... (((itiswhatitis))))
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hopin, and prayin and wishin and thinkin...
(a new song for marteen)

thanks for the good wishes - still haven't heard from anyone but am enjoying my easter - the lil guys were so funny - up @ 7 like it was christmas - my eyes need toothpicks - i hope sister is still serious - i'm not sure why she hasn't looked into something similar in IL - i went online and they do have a similar program/housing/support - maybe she wants to be closer to lil guys? - wants to get away from bf? - i don't know - i did find out that her bf was just bailed o ut of jail - i will not worry what tomorrow will bring - but so help me if that gob of flesh bf shows up at my door thinking he's going to pop in for a cup of coffee or something he is sadly mistaken - we'll see...

i will let everyone know if anything happens but for today, just for today, i, and the lil people who have eaten way to much sugar, are/am at peace - well until now when one lil guy stole the other lil guys playmobil pirate - happy easter all my dear friends...

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And I'm old enough to know all the words, too!!
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me too
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I figured, since you came up with it in the first place!
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I sure hope that she follows through and it works out---that is great!!!
Hugs & prayers to you and your family.
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