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Hello All.
I Have Told My Hubby To Leave And He Just Cries And Begs Me And I End Up Letting Him Stay. I Try To Be Nice And See If Those Old Feelings Can Come Back, But Everytime Something Goes Wrong, I Just Keep Seeing How Its His Fault Its Wrong. Eventhough He Has Been Clean And Is Doing Really Good, My Feelings Just Aren't There Anymore. And I Feel Bad Cause He Is Doing So Well And Now I Want Out. I Feel Like Maybe I Should Give Him Another Chance, But Honestly How Many Chances Do They Get???? We Have Already Lost Everything We Had. Including Our Home. I Am Packing Things Everyday. This Crap Sucks

Many Prayers And Hugs To You All.
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grateful rca
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sorry that it has gotten this far, i think that you have to make a decision for your own life, but i also think that it does take time for relationships to be rebuilt. i'll keep both of you in my prayers. have you gone to any meetings yet?
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carebear, i am sorry u r hurting. no matter what you decide ,do not feel guilty.sometimes when they do get clean it is just to late. it is your decision whatever u decide. i said a little prayer for you & sending hugs your way. let me know how u are.
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Carebears, ((HUGS))). Sometimes feelings get hurt so bad, they never grow back. I know you feel guilty, but if you dont' feel like you did, there's nothing you can do to force the feeling. It's only going to get worse if you stay and you don't love him like you did. You will start to feel even more and more resentful until you start lashing out. I recommend meetings or therapy. Maybe a seperation is what you need to sort out your feelings.
Things will work out one way or another....they always do.
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I'm no angel!
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Relationships end for many reasons, not all are related to drugs. When the flame goes out, it's out.

Time to do what's right for you, if it is allowing him to stay, then so be it...If you want to move forward you will.

Keep posting, support others who post, we are all in the same boat.
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Just sending some hugs your way. Just remember that not everyone is meant to be in our lives forever. It is okay if you are ready to let go. Hugs, Marle
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Im sorry you have to go through this. It seems that we suffer through years of drug addictions evil affects, and it wears us completely out. Losing a home and other things are serious affects of addiction.
I got to where I just resented the addict in my life and didn't want to try any more.
I hope things work out for you.
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everything is already ok
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I am sorry your in such pain, remember it will pass and loof after you

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Thanks All.

I Have Went To Counseling For Me And She Says That She Is Wondering What Is Keeping Me With Him. After Everything I Tell Her, She Says I Know What I Need To Do, And She Doesn't Understand Why I Haven't Done It Already. I Just Tell Her I Don't Either, And Thats Why I'm Here. I'm Not Sure What I'm Scared Of. Cause Now That We Are Losing The House, I Don't Have To Worry About That Expense. So Pretty Much Everything Else, I Can Pay And Handle On My Own. So I Guess, What Is Keeping Me With Him?? I Told Him Once That I Think We Are In A Comfortable Love, And Not Really Inlove Anymore.

I Don't Know, All This Is Too Hard On Me. I Don't Know If I Even Wanna Fight For Us Anymore.
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