Ultimate Frustration-Insurance and rehab

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Ultimate Frustration-Insurance and rehab

Have any of you or your loved ones had trouble with getting admitted into drug rehab centers? My AH and I both carry insurance, we both work for good employers and have excellent benefits. I just think it is amazing the hoops you have to jump through to find a rehab that take you.

for starters, the place that was going to take him said that he is not suffering from any kind of physical withdrawl (his doc his cocaine) so they don't feel it is appropriate for him to go there.

Now, he is calling around everywhere to find a place that will take him- but most places only take one kind of insurance and do not accept the other so it would still would cost a fortune.

So, I just told him that he should bite the bullet and get a loan and go. So, I think that is what we are going to do.

just venting....
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i have never heard of a place like that did not take any kind of ins. if the ins. company pays for subtanance & learn.i hope u find some inpatience care that will take him.prayers,hope
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The Salvation Army program is free and is as good as any I have seen. I find the success of any rehab is proportion to the addict's desire to get clean and stay that way.

I'm sorry the ones he chose are giving you problems, but this may provide an alternate choice.

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Sorry to hear that. My husband just left for treatment about a week ago and I was actually surprised at how easy his insurance approved the treatment considering he had actually been clean for two days. I would just keep looking and hopefully something will come along. Keep your head up.
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did you try to call the insurance company more than once, and get others on the line? we made many many calls before we found the right dept/person to help us. just our experience. blessings, k
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My x huxband got in by threatening suicide and then saying he would do it so they kept him until they got him a place.

I would never have taken a loan out for him, or my XABF, to go to rehab. My Xhusbanb went 4 times at least. XABF d0esn't have a problem so won't go.
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My insurance was good as long as we stayed in state. Marle
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Because my daughter's DOC was cocaine (which the medical community says there are no withdrawl symptoms) she was only allowed to stay for two days at first. Then they kept extending it as they got to know her total situation. She said the facility where she was at said if your vitals are stable then you are out of there! I had to beg for her to stay there and tell some of her family history. It might be different with different DOC's??
Good luck.
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It almost sounds like a place for just detoxing. Our insurence only pays for 10 days per year of detox. Nothing for in paitent. I even asked the ins co. if I could get the 10 days detox toward in paitent. They said no. It was just the way the ins was writen up by hubbys employer. My daughter has been in detox now 4 times in just over a year. Money was never an issue, what isn't covered by ins is just written off. We never had to pay what wasn't covered by insurence. Even people w/o money wouldn't get refused as long as they did a phone screen & there was a bed open. It was not medical detox. but she was monitored very closlely, & there was a hospital across the street if need be.
When she went to in paitent we were considered self pay & they worked out a payment plan with us. I hope things work out for you. Insurence is so frustrating.
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My a had the same problem . the ins company said it was no prb they would cover and the hosptial took him the day we cld , then after 2 days his counseler was calling me telling me he was coming home in a few days . said ins will only pay for the detox period because there is nothing they can do for him inpatient that they cant do for him outpatient aft that .... except GET DRUGS!

it was a true nightmare , he came home and was a lunatic , i had just gotten home from the hosp myself 2 days before after having a baby and had to tell him to leave . he ended up in rehab again and the same thing happened . once his vitals (heart rate , pulse ) were good , he was discharged . By the time he went into his 3rd rehab they kept him for 3 wks but that was the longest stay and we are still getting billed for some of it .

we both have jobs and were told we had excellent insurance too . I guess if we had millions of dollars we wouldnt have a problem . I dont think Keith Urban had this trouble .
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I found a free rehab. It isn't one thats advertised, but it's run by several local churches. IT's an 8 week program live in. It's just a miracle that it's available.
You might check with your church, with AA members etc to see what else might be available.
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You might try Valley Hope Association. I think they will do payment plans and are much less expensive than others. They have a great program too.
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Salvation Army, good program, free.
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Slightly off topic but insurance companies are notorious for this type of behavior- completely focused on all physical symptoms/norms for any type of behavioral problem/mental health treatment.
For a large part of my life I have suffered from anorexia and for two entire years went in and out of treatment centers. Getting insurance to pay for a "Decent" center and not some unspecialized ward in a psychiatric hospital was nearly impossible. It seemed everytime I had to go inpatient, the insurance company only agreed to pick it up when I was in the ER close to death. Very sad. I actually think my parents who have had to pay out of pocket for numerous, very good treatment centers are involved in a class action lawsuit against insurance companies for this sort of lack of assistance.
Hope that something works out for you !!
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my husband started with the mental health ward and they found him a place. maybe you could check with salvation army, or maybe check on some halfway houses, he can continue to work and pay his own way. there is always aa, na meetings where there are people who maybe able to direct him to reccommend places that he may be able to go. glad to hear that he wants to go, this does make a big difference. sorry that you are having the trouble that you are having, i think that i would just keep searching, somethings is bound to come up. still praying for you and yours.
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Oooh... insurance is a hot button for me. Ick.

Ours paid initially when daughter went to rehab at a pretty good facility. Then she relapsed and went back again and relapsed and went to a recovery house and relapsed.... and then the insurance ran out.

So we tried to use husband's insurance, but it would only cover LEVEL 2 facilities! (these are lock down facilities) And the one most appropriate for her could not take her because... da da da ta da... her drug of choice was meth. And like coke, there are no "withdrawal" symptoms (to which I say ... BULL!!) But according to the intake gal, the withdrawals won't KILL her like alcohol or heroin withdrawal... so no go.

She ended up on state medical coupons and they sent her to a really crappy, run down, mildewy, dirty facility. But like Ann says... it was more about her being willing than what they taught her. And at this dirty little rehab, she met someone... and for the first time, she actually worked at getting and staying sober. She still relapsed... but it was the last time, and she was motivated to get clean again because of this guy... who she married and who is the father of my grandbaby.

But the insurance... gah!

My son went to the same facility as my daughter and he went in 2005. I just got the final Explanation of Benefits (EOB) form from insurance about one month ago... .TWO YEARS LATER!! They were still billing and finangaling about who was paying.

Double Gah!

I wish you the best.
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