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Power is not having to respond
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Wow, he calls to say he's trying to commit suicide? I had a husband that always threatened that. Amazing thing, he's still alive!! I figure if he really wanted to be dead, he'd really make it happen instead of threaten me with it, and constantly scare me with that threat.
It's just a way for the addict to gain some kind of emotional control over you.
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Soooo, you go out... to have a good time with the girls (pat yourself on the back) and he decides that at "that moment" is a good time to commit suicide.
Oh, but before I do this.. I'm going to call GF on the phone first .. just to let her know.. (cough cough)
Don't beat yourself up. When men want to commit suicide.. they do it. He was jealous that you were out, and probably his way of keeping you close. Go out next weekend. And the weekend after that.
If it was a healthy relationship, he would have phoned you to wish you an amazing night out, and offered to pick you up if you had one two many.
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Guilt is misuse of the imagination...

He just tried to commit suicide and is going into a mental hospital...
He is obviously out of his mind....

Just make sure you stay in yours... ;-)
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everyone i responsiblle for themslfs at the end of the day..
he cant act like thi stoyou hes playing th evictim,, youre the victim..
im sending hugs toyou andihope he gets real help...
hugs toyou and dont feel bad,.
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Dont let guilt and worry rob you of tommorrows strength, I heard that once and everytime I start to beat myself up about something I turned into "my fault" or my "mistake" over what someone else did to themselves I try real hard to remember the 1st sentence of my reply to you. You will need your strength to deal with him and then again it;s ok to let your guard down and not have to be the strong one and go out with your girlfriends and let loose, you did something you called 911 that was the smartest and best thing to do. take care, peace-blackbird
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I heard a story in one of my meetings of a woman whose addicted husband called her for something like the zillionth time to ask for money. This time, however, he called her at work and told her that he was in a car with his dealer, and the dealer had a gun to his head, and if she didn't bring him $200 right that minute, his dealer was going to kill him. The woman in my meeting says she told her husband that she loves him very much, but that she wasn't going to bring him any money, and that she trusted that her higher power would make sure that the situation worked out in the manner it was supposed to. Her story filled me with so much hope and so much despair at the same's sad, but I respect her so much for being so strong! You've got to look out for yourself in every situation. If you wanted to go out and have fun with friends, that's your prerogative, and you can't be expected to be on call for him at all hours. You did the right thing by calling the cops, and you should be proud of yourself!
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Maybe hes mad cause u called the police. If u would have gone there would thing be different? NO. Everytime I read this I get a new perspective. did he know u were out? Was this a ploy that backfired? Because anyone who is a harm to themselves and threatens suicide dont they get the 72hrs inpatient? I could be wrong. Maybe hes pissed that this was carried out the way it did cause he wanted u to come running to his side cause he was mad about u being out and having fun this in my opinion was a way to try to get control and it seriously backfired now that his family knows EVERYTHING its time to admit defet. I hope I'm wrong but everytimeI read this I get a different opinion a codie one and an addict one I guess. We like to CONTROL everything and when we feel it slipping boy do we go crazy literally.
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I think hes more embarrased about the mental health arrest than he is about anything else. U did the right thing what if u called his bluff and he actually followed through u wouldnt be able to live with yourself for sure. He is trying to take the blame off of him and on u cause if u would have said u were on your way and able to drive u would have never called the cops and HE would have never gotten a mental health arrest. Wonder how I know about mental health arrests. Been there........
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Looks like your higher power, in all its unpredictability, has led you to precisely the right action with this one....if it's clear to your addict that this is how you're going to react every time, and he's going to get a visit from the police and not his easily-manipulated lady, then it's likely this won't happen again. He'll have to find other ways to mess with your mind.....

Good luck with this. Sorry he's in so much pain and hope he seeks help soon.

Take care of YOU
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