Suicide attempt

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Suicide attempt

My AH tried to commit suicide on Thursday night with his DOC (cocaine). He is ok but they put him in a psychiatric hospital to be treated for depression. He is supposed to get released today and go to a two week impatient rehab center on Friday. I really wish it was more than two weeks, but I will take anything I can get at this point.

He seems to be in better spirits about getting sober than he ever has but I have learned not to get my hopes up.

Have any of your loved ones tried to commit suicide?

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no but my said that he thought about it but was afraid and took himself to the phyc ward and from there to a half way house.
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I believe Elli's husband has tried to commit suicide it was very tramatic for her and her family. I hope he finally gets the help he needs. I know how u feel about not getting your hopes up but maybe this was his bottom his cry for help that he no longer can stop on his own and needs help. I will keep u in my thoughts.
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first off im so sorry for what you are going through , there is no easy way or words to make it any better .

My ah never attempted but last spring after he disappeared and his friend cld to tell me where he was and that i had to get him i was shocked at what i found . he was staring blankly into space, he was dirty , his clothes and his skin and he was making no sense whatsoever . he told me he wanted to die and i drove him right to the emergency room . same thing happened , they kept him for 2 or 3 days , took him to an impatient program for a few wks and out he came .. clean & sober but screwier than when he went in . we wanted him to stay longer and all the facilitys tell you they hve 28 or 30 day programs and its no problem..what they dont tell you is that insurance will never pay for it so its 2 wks & out (and if you get two wks you are lucky) .

its a long long road . if he truly wants to recover (and i hope for you he does) he will have to do all the right things when he comes out .. outpatient treatment 3 days a wk (3 hrs each) meetings when hes not in outpatient treatment . his life has to be an open book for you because it will help build your trust and if he wants you in his crnr he will need for you to trust him again (it will take along time) . and you will need tons of patience like never before .. sounds easy right ???

its not ! its unlikely he wont relapse at one point or another and although you might feel a little relief now thats hes inpatient , you can sleep knowing where he is, but when he comes out you get that same kick in the stomach feeling you had before . its still a long rode , try not to project the future , addicts are all sooooo much alike when they are using (same traits) but they all recover differently . take it one day at a time literally .

keep reading , read everything you can get your hands on , knowledge is power ..

im praying for you and wish you well , God Bless You
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i am so sorry about your husband.i am glad he is ok. you both will be in my prayers. in answer to your question,yes, my a.s. tried to commit suicide 7 yrs. ago.he hung himself in jail.when they found him he had no heart beat & little pulse.i had worked at the hiopital & got my hands on his medical records.he told the drs. "he was tired of letting his family down".i know what you are going thru & it is really hard.just take care of yourself. there is help out there for our addicts if they want it.i hope this will be the begining of your husbands wasn't for my son, he is still using but there is always hope.i will be praying for you & him. hugs,
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my husband tried to committ suicide almost 2 years ago. his doc is coke/crack - clean for 15 months now. he was involuntarily placed in a mental institution for 2 nights while they decided if he was truly suicidal or if he had a reaction to all the types of drugs in his system and his thinking was impaired. he snorted coke, smoked crack, took a couple xanaxs, and drank a lot of beer then started talking about how he was "done with this life and didnt want to live this way anymore" so he took about half a bottle of depakotes (anti-seizure/bupolar meds) and lost conciousness. i called 911 and he went to the ER and then was transported to the mental hopsital.

after all this, he still used a few more times and i was stunned. i thought that it had to be his bottom - ending up in a mental hospital after attempting was very difficult for all of us and took lots of work to rebuild what had crumbled..but we did it and he got clean and realized how horrible his life was when he was using. but as hard as it was for all of us, i think it was a powerful way for his HP to get his attention and help speed his recovery along.

i hope you and your family will be ok and i hope your AH gets the help he needs. dont lose hope - it can get better.
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Using can also be a way to self medicate. If he was depressed before they may be able to help him in a different way, it doesn't always turn out bad everyone is different.


Personally I was about 5 minutes from it before I found this place. Still took me a while to decide what I was going to do, I had it planned out for a while.
But I've also been clean since the day I came here, that changed my thinking.

Hang in there.. and take care of you.. ((((....))))

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Yes, my ex threatened and was ready to follow thru with a loaded .45

I called the police, and a big damn "situation" ensued ... a whole lot of drama with a decent result. He got some help, and I got some peace of mind and more healing as I learned to detach from his disease and actions.

It was another in a series of cries for help from someone who wanted help but didn't want it. ONLY people who are here on these boards or in face to face meetings know what I mean.

He got some help because it was his time. He slipped again, and got more help, and he's still on a good path as far as I can tell.

Just like everything else associated with this disease, I didn't cause it, I can't control it and I can't cure it. I did what I had to do to be OK, and then I stepped out of the situation to allow him the dignity to deal with the consequences of his actions.

It's not easy,but it works. Take extra good care of you!
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I'm so sorry you are goign through this. Prayers for you and your husband. Hugs
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Hi Tiffany.
just wanted to add my support. Sorry to hear he reached the point of not wanting to live anymore & hopefully during the 2 weeks treatment he will learn life is worth living.
take care xx
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I had to take AS to a mental hospital once for suicidal thoughts. But he told me recently while he was using he was praying for God to take his life because he was too chicken to do it. I am so sorry to hear about your husband but pray this is his time to get help and realize there is life without drugs.
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I am sorry.
My X husband attempted suicide so many times he was committed as an inpatient in the State Pyschiatric hospital. He hated to live. He would get sleeping pills and sleep all the time to escape life (when he wasn't drinking).

He died there 8 months later of a heart attack. He hated life for most of his. He is finally at peace.

His attitude was it would be easier to be dead than to to work recovery and live.
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