Fun stuff for Saturday!

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Fun stuff for Saturday!

Anyone doing anything fun today?

I am saving up for two trips right now... one big one, one little one... but I know I'll want to be able to spend a bit so I'm sticking around at home for the next few weeks... I think today I am going to get ORGANIZED. My closets are positively overflowing with stuff I don't even wear anymore... I have a SUPER hard time getting rid of stuff, but I'm just going to have to do it... I think I'll feel better when I'm done. Just hope I don't rip open the plastic give-away bags and put it all back before Monday!
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grateful rca
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i loove cleaning cloosets trying, thats the first thing i do when i start obssessing about my addict. thanks for reminding me of what i can do today.
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On a tear
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Did a major closet clean yesterday! The entire back of my SUV is filled with clothes... going to my favorite aunt. Makes for a good excuse to visit!

But FIRST... gotta run up and see what mom has done to her computer... now (grin). And I will try to remember that the woman is nearly 70 and grew up with all the technology of the cotton gin. I will... I promise....

Happy Saturday!
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It is a nice sunny day here, out to cut the grass...I just love the smell of fresh cut grass...(lawn grass LOL).

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Beautiful day here. I just pounded in 20 posts for a dog yard. Perimeter and corners are DONE. Took the lawn mower in for a tune up. Cleaned the house and now I have to go and get ready to go out with the church ladies to a play then out to eat... (avg age, not including me is over 80!).

I was thinking I did not want to go to the play, but after unloading the fence supplies, loading the lawnmower, unloading the lawnmower at the shop (walk behind.. unload this by hand) and driving (by hand) the posts.. just the gate posts left to drive.. I am ready to stop moving.
Plus I cleaned the house.

I so want to get out and take photos and get printing in the dark room, but lately it seems I just have been busy.

I have said no to things, but I live alone and think it may be bad for me to spend so much time alone.. tho I jealously guard my solitude.

Anyway, I got the dog fence started. I do want to get a dog and setting up first is very important. Dogs are good company as are my cats. My cat even rode in the truck with me to take the lawnmower to the shop.
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Its a beautiful day here. Im laying in the yard, half napping half baking in the sun. Its hot but a nice steady breeze. I probably should pull some weeds, but for today Ill not and say I did
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lol, I wish I was were you guy's are! All that sunny weather geeze, this morning I woke up to big chunks of snow! Today I bought these cutzie little earings on sale! That's my treat for today!
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Figured Id add Sundays Fun stuff.
My cousins' cousins are in town from Seattle so we are having a big family get together at my aunt and uncles tomorrow afternnon. Im looking forward to it. In the past I shyed away from these things. The best part is AH will probably still be recuperatingg from yesterday so he will not even want to go.
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Took my 4 and 6 year old to an Easter egg hunt sponsored by the local Jaycees - the ground was covered solid with candy and it took about 5 seconds for the 150 kids there to scoop it all up. It was a riot.
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Today was tiring, but I chose it and I feel good about it. My daughter's boyfriend found a house for them...they had a one bedroom apartment and an 80 pound dog. This is a 2 bedroom house with a nice big yard and a deck. It's older and someone they know bought it as an investment and did lots of cabinets, appliances, carpet...It's really cute and within their budget, and it may be possible down the road when they have saved enough, that they could buy it from this man. Since my daughter is still away, he's doing this on his own. I kept asking if he wanted help and he kept telling me he had it under control. I couldn't figure out how with working 12-14 hour days 6 days a week and visiting her on his day off. So today I stopped by to offer help. He wasn't home, had to work, and it seemed like there was still tons to do, so I decided to surprise him (since they are supposed to be out of the apartment today) and stayed and packed and brought boxes over to the new place. His dad came later after work and tonight his brother and friends came with trucks and we got everything done and the old place is immaculate. He was so happy and surprised when he came home and saw that he only had to help with the last run. I know he must be exhausted...I am and he's been doing this all week while working all day.

I'm so grateful for him...he's a wonderful guy and loves my daughter very much. They are very happy together and this new house is a start of a new life for them. My daughter doesn't want him to do any decorating until she gets home and I think he's quite content to wait. She asked me to send her Better Homes and Gardens with the next book order I mail. Quite a transformation from party girl to Suzie homemaker

So today was a good day!
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Awesome greet. You are the BEST MOM EVER!
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gnome on the range
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I was in charge of the games for a baby shower. Had lots of fun being the game master! Tomorrow I get to go to my nephew's first birthday party.
and I'm still trying to unpack boxes from the move <<---- I hate packing AND unpacking!
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Had a wonderful day. My son in law turned 30 so it was his dirty thirtey party tonight. My step daughter got a friend of theirs to DJ. It was a total surprise. He had no clue. 75 friends & fanily showed up in time to yell "surprise". The "naughtey " cake I ordered from the bakery was so adorable & tasted great. There was tons of food, dancing & laughter. No one got out of hand. SIL had to open a box from his grandparents & it was a teapot. He had to stand on a chair & sing I'm a little teapot to the crowd.
It was so cute. My RAD recorded it on her camera. She is going to make a video for my stepdaughters baby shower in april saying, here's daddy. It was truley an enjoyable night. Just hoping I don't have a headache in the morning. Miight have had one to many cocktales tonight.
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Yup, got a headache. I didn't drink untill RAd left. They were made stronger than usual. Then we were up till 2:00. Feelin mighty old today.
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