Ignorant People

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you can not change someone that is not ready to change.that goes for the addict as well as any body esle..let it go.
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Luckily, for me, the subject about addiction has never really been brought up at my place of employment. I do, however, become very aware of customers who tend to look at addiction/recovery books. I even stop by and offer my opinion. lol
Some look surprised, some pretend they're "just looking", thanks.
While others, like myself, look at them, praying a miracle will jump right off the shelf and into my hand. {sad smile}
My husband has a very closed mind on addiction. (he's never smoked a cigarette, for heaven's sake)
I learned a long time ago not to even try to convince him otherwise.
It used to bother me to no end. Now I just discuss things here. lol
I do point things out that I read every so often. He listens, but keeps his thoughts to myself. Smart man. lol
I do share at work about my "situation". I could care less what anyone thinks now. I've been into this thing way too long. I've become quite numb to the comments of others. Especially the "ignorant" ones.
You just keep going in your own recovery, and as Cat said, "keep your side of the street clean". Or you could just say, "f*ck'em", and let'em have it with both barrels. lol I sound like BigSis. lol Go Linda! Go Linda! Go Go Go Linda!
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Originally Posted by Mavis View Post
" Hey.. Isn't Martha from the Photo copy shop sleeping with Joe the mail guy"?!

Oh Mavis you're so funny!!
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