It Never Fails:)

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Talking It Never Fails:)

I am amazed that everytime and I mean EVERYTIME I start to slip in my recovery, I come here and read something that is immensely helpful to me. I don't think that that is coincidence Today it was Miss Done's words on Helpus' thread. Another day it was someone elses. If I have not said it before, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!
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Marle...I know just what you mean...I've lived that too. Same thing happens in meetings, it's just so awesome.

Miss Done rocks...those words were soooooooooooooooooo perfect.

Love you too!
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You are so right!i was really wanting a beer and was gonna go get one after 62 days and got on here first and now im cool.thx guys luv ya
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Sometimes I think you all gather and look in my window at night. It never fails that just the day I really need to hear something, somebody here says it loud and clear.

Love you too, Marle, and all the window peekers here.
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remember to breathe
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I know I'm more sane that I used to be because of SR
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Right back at ya ! xoxo. SR rocks doesn't it?
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