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Greet, your new place is absolutely beautiful! You have been an inspiration to us all. You deserve a place like this to enjoy your serenity. How wonderful for you and mr greet! I'll bring some marshmellows for toasting in the fireplace! Or maybe an axe for chopping wood for the fireplace (unless mr. greet wants that job).
Congrats on this great place.
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Greet, I am so jealous What a beautiful place. I am so happy for you. I hope it gives you many peaceful moments. You deserve them. Hugs, Marle
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Congratulations! Nothing says recovery more than a retreat!
Sure looks like an awesome place, quiet, serene, has all the right stuff, it's just missing you!
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Party at Greets house!!
I can hardly wait!!
Woudn't it be fun to have a pajama party in front of that fireplace?
I'll bring the bunny slippers...and some popcorn...
We can paint our toe nails...and eat...and eat...and eat!!!

Maybe Dolly can fire up the Hummer and start making the rounds?
Between the Hummer and our SR jet, we should all be able to make it just in time for the spring flowers to bloom!!

Oh, Anne Marie...I am overwhelmed with joy for you.
A beautiful retreat...for a beautiful soul. How perfect! God is Good!!

Ooohh Happy, happy day!!!

Love ya, Ann Marie...I really and truly do!!!
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Greet... what a happy, happy day! I'm sooo excited for you!!!!
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I'm comin to visit!!~~

I'll be there by the time it closes~~!!
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I'm so happy for you, your new place is just perfect! I bet you'll have lots of fun making it your home away from home!
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It's absolutely gorgeous and I can't think of anyone more deserving to own this special haven. I've never been able to decide if I like the mountains or the water better ... but I always find that nature soothes the soul. Hope you make many happy memories there
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grateful rca
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if this is your home away from home, i'd love to see a pic of home.
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Pssst...Teke, the regular home was supposed to be the "starter" home, but the kids loved the neighborhood; I didn't want them to have to switch schools and I liked the property (no mountains or streams but lots of trees and room for flowers and gardens and no traffic, lol) So we turned the garage into a rec room and saved our pennies. Now I know what HP's plan was there!

Deedee, I too am not sure if I prefer the mountains or the beach, but the beach around here is sooooo expensive so that made the decision easier

Elana...sooo true. I told Mr. Greet he just "processes" slower than I do, but not to worry, I won't steer him wrong., lol.

This is going to be one amazing housewarming party...I'm soooo excited that you're all comin' ! Now don't forget your sleeping bags, and Dolly, you can leave the bazooka at home, okay?
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Thanks for the comments about listening to ourselves more. I am trying to do that as well. It seems that I always discount my thoughts as frivolous and stupid. I am learning to decipher the inner voices. Your place looks gorgeous! You go girl!
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How wonderful (and deserving) I am so happy for you, it looks fantastic, bet you're looking forward to spending many happy times there. There are satelite ways offinding you I think I'll zoom in and bring a gift too LOL.

hugs Annie
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To Life!
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It's beautiful, and yes, you sure do deserve it!!!

So, when is the SR open house party?

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I am so so happy for you. It is beautiful. Just like you, a beautiful person. You deserve it. Thanks for sharing!!
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Hi Greet,

Congratulations on your retreat. I look forward to some day having a retreat too! But for now I'll enjoy yours from afar. Oooooh, some long spring hikes sound so good.....

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Wow It looks amazing.

You deserve it my love.

It is a perfect place to relax.

Good Luck
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How fortunate you are in more ways than one!
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Gosh what a lovely place!! OOhhh!! I love the wood inside and the shape of the house too! Neato!!!
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With all the past stuff in your life and your path of recovery their isn't anyone who is more deserving of such a beautiful retreat. My prayer for you is that you enjoy this wonderful house more than a 4 yr. old enjoys an ice cream. I do very much enjoy your posts that just make everyone feel so special and as for myself that help me through the hard times. You are very much appreciated in this forum, even my wife likes how your posts brighten up my day. Thank You. You deserve this and more. If I could figure out how to get photos into my post I would send you some chocolate covered strawberries for you and the Mister to enjoy in front of that fireplace. Take care, Brit.
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ROAD TRIP !! This sounds like a wonderful place... and the pictures are lovely. Serenity home.


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