I talked to my sister, Finally!!!!

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I talked to my sister, Finally!!!!

Well, my sister is still in the facility she was taken to on Tuesday. At this point she is ready to be discharged, but.....She WANTS to stay. We are elated. She hasn't seen anyone but the boyfriend that she has now dumped and her good ffiend Mary. She has requested not to see my parents yet. Is this normal? She has also not spoken to my dad since she was taken there. But when I talked to her it was just great to hear her and not hear the booze dripping off her voice. She cried when she told me that she loved me. We are going there for Easter, so I will be able to see her soon.

But she feels that she really hasn't received any help yet and she does want to stay. The next step will be more intensive as far as therapy and she will be doing more one on one therapy and less group. I am beyond happy. I don't to get to invested in this yet. I'm not negative, I just don't know what to expect.

Thank you so much guys. I would never have made it through this but for the grace of the almighty and kind words and advice from you all, my friends.

"The world steps aside for a man who knows where he is going."
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There is a lot of shame in early recovery. There is also a lot of change, and a lot of ups and downs. My prayers are with her.... and you... and your family.

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thanks for the update, this is such good news, glad you get to go there soon. at first it was kind of scary to face those who i had hurt the most, but in time, i think that she will come around to wanting to see and talk to your parents. she probably have some inner issues to work through before she thinks that she is able to handle it. these can be some very painful times for her too, working out those feelings sometimes creates feeling inside of us that we don't even know are there. its theraputic though, and i got a feeling that she'll be just fine in a few days. still praying for all of you guys.
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Hello kim - don't think I've met you before - just wanted to say that you posted some good news - everybody always likes good news! Easter comes soon so enjoy the time with your sister - keep us posted - SR is here for you 24/7 that's what I like about it. I'm a Mom of AD.
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Kim, I am happy that she is open to getting the help that she needs. Perhaps her guilt and shame is what is keeping her from wanting to see your parents right now. I know that I am the last person that my AD wants to see. Hugs, Marle
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i am happy she realizes she needs more help. that is a step in the right direction.i am glad u are there to support her. maybe she feels guilty ,the reason for not wanting to see her parents or maybe she just needs more time to say what she needs to say to them.prayers for u & sister.
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