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I'm on my way in a few minutes to see my son at his new rehab. He was released from jail this morning and I wanted to share my joy with you all!

I'm so happy and hopeful both for myself and for him. I'll be bringing him his medicines and some clothes, plus meet some of the staff.

Today, I'm smiling and grateful.
Thanks to all my friends here for all the ESH this past year I have been at SR. I hope this will be my son's time to shine.
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YEAH. Im happy for you and your family. I remember how exciting that day is.

Big HUgs
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Hi cmc! Hope it is your son's "Time to Shine" too - Sending Prayers>>>>>>>with this little Bluebird of Happiness. (((HUGS)))
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That's fantastic cmc!!!!
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My wish for you and your son is that a sense of peace will be with you both and a sense of security in the knowledge that you have friends here.......many here have walked the walk that you are embarking on. My son is presently in rehab and has been since October. He will complete the program in April.....I pray for strength each and every day and I also have learned to be thankful for each day of sobriety my son experiences. That in itself is a wonderful gift. I wish this gift for your son too.hugs, dixie
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Congrats and good luck to you and your son. best wishes are coming from Houston all the way to you!
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cmc, Thanks for sharing the good news Special prayers for your son and you. Hugs, Marle
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Great news!
I'm grinning ear to ear, like I'm sure you are!

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woohoo!!!! I love success stories!!!!!!
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Oh, happy day!!!!

Blessings to you...and your son...
May your HP's perpetual light shine upon you.
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grateful rca
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glad to hear the good news, praying for you and your son.
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Great news!!! I hope your visit goes well. I can hear the joy from your words! Let us know how your visit goes.
Hugs to you!
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Doing the happy dance for both of you, cmc. It sounds like a great new beginning to me.

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Fresh start and fresh hope and it is spring to boot.
Best wishes for you both!
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That's awesome news (((cmc))) and I hope you had a wonderful visit.

Thanks for sharing your joy and I'm doing the happy dance with you
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Thanks for all the support.
On my way home he called on someone's cell and was very upset about them not letting him have access to his insulin. He was ready to leave and go to his old halfway house, so I tried to calm him down and told him to wait and call us when I got home. In jail the healthcare was horrible..the wrong meds and wrong schedules etc. He has been looking forward to being able to get things under better control.

He never called. My recovery has gone so much easier while he was in jail where were no major surprises or events where I had to detach, stop enabling etc... I wasn't expecting my first 'test' on the way home from seeing him on his first day out. Ugh.

Letting go about all the other issues that come up..I can do okay, but this one is a hard decision to make.

So I want to call but have not...I'm having all kinds of emotions right now and it's like diving back into a cold pool where I haven't been swimming for 10 months.

Please pray for things to work out as they should and for each and all of us to be onboard with that. I don't need anymore stress right now.

Thanks for reading.

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I'm happy for you too sweetie.
Prayers to you and your son. Keep the faith. Give him a big ol' hug from us.
Here's a happy dance for ya...

wanted to add my prayers. i just finished reading the part about his meds. i'm sorry.
prayers that things turn out the way they need too, sweetie. take care and wipe those cobwebs off that recovery belt and put it back on. heck, i have to sleep in mine. lol

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I'm glad he is out and hope that things settle in quickly and he adapts. I understand what you are saying...recovery is much easier when there is no drama. You are all in my prayers.
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CMC, Sending prayers for your son that things will work out as they should.
Prayers for you and Mr. CMC too!
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This is the very thing I am hoping happens with my son. HE enters rehab in May.
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