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I did make the call today and mr cmc and I felt okay with that. AS' counselor asked me yesterday to have something faxed over from our dr. and I needed info.
AS is out doing all the things he is supposed to do with court, probation etc. AS' counselor has the day off so another counselor who was _very_ nice spoke with me. I didn't bring up the phone call I got from AS.

Once he realized the tone of my call was friendly and that I wasn't enabling or checking up- he was more than happy to explain how things worked out last night. It appears there was a compromise made about the meds but I don't know details and don't need to until AS tells me.

He explained about services offered , how they do things and about visitation etc. I told him that maybe I won't need to be involved at all with the medical side if their dr can come by and check on things. Problems solved for now.

It appears that AS took my advice to calm down, look at the big picture and do what it takes for the next 4 months to get through it. Thank God!

btw... I was very impressed with the facility,which is a huge campus...and the staff are very professional. Tax dollars at work...AS and the girl I mentioned kept talking about the great food there- I guess everything tastes better after eating jail-food. They were very excited to have a decent sandwich!


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grateful rca
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glad to hear that thing are working themselves out for your son, you can rest now, mom.
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That is wonderful for the both of you. Prayers and thoughts for you and your family as you begin this journey.

"The world steps aside for a man who knows where he is going."
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congrats , i hope all goes well
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I hope and pray that he will make it through the program successfully and he can finally start putting this nightmare behind him. Hopefully he will realize that this is his time.
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cmc, i hope it is your sons time to shine too. i am glad he is out.keep posting & let us know how it is wishes & prayers for you both.hope
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remember to breathe
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whew!!! glad things are as they should be.
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