Why dont they call

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Cell phones, the bain of society. Instant contact, the no waiting communication venue, they allow anyone to invade our space at anytime.

When I was growing up, we had one phone in the house, and the usage was limited, so much time alotted for "kids" conversations, I did not have free rein, and thus, never fell in love with the telephone, I am not a phone person, most of the time I don't even want to answer it, it interupts me, my space.

As for ex-abf, if he didn't come home as scheduled, I would call one time, his phone would be off, I never called again...he would show up a day or two later, and say "I tried to call you, you didn't answer" "No" I didn't, I unplugged
the land line, and turned off my cell, I would check my cell messages, if it was him, I would delete the call, if it was someone else, I would return the call. Everytime he would return, he would have no minutes left on his phone card, wonder who he was calling, could it be his dealer...NO, not him...a little humor on my part, very little.

Cell phones to me, just increase our obsessive behavior, we become addicted to dialing...and for what? All we do is upset ourselves, the user knows where we are, when they are broke, out of gas, out of drugs they will come crawling home...

When he went out on his last binge, I didn't even call once. He was gone 3 days, I took all his clothes and personal belongings, dropped them in a dumpster at our local 7-11 and the truck picked them up. All he had left was the clothes on his back and his trusty cell phone, I wouldn't let him in, he called the sheriff and proceeded to have himself aressested, it was the last call he made from that cell phone, he is now in the end his cell phone did him in..Ah, the power of instant communication!
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