a good cry

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let it grow!
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a good cry

i went to an alanon meeting last night and bawled my eyes out the entire time. i was kind of embarrassed, but honestly - it felt good. sometimes i have to do that, after a tough week. no super powers over here.

daughter is in court this morn. prayers please. i know i keep asking, but we really could use them right now...

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On a tear
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You got em, K.... that she gets exactly what she needs to get better. (((...)))

And I cried at the first five or six meetings I went to... every time. I needed to, and they let me and loved me and today it takes reading your post for me to remember how much pain I was in.

The good news? It can get better.

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Keep crying when you need to, going to meetings, coming here and don't forget how many of us understand and care for another 'mom' like ourselves.
I'll pray too, for her to get what she needs to become motivated to change. Hang in there, you are not alone.
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I spent the first 4 or 5 Al Anon meetings in tears. I walked in, sat down, cried the entire meeting. I was barely able to squeak out my name when it came around to me for introductions.

Each time, those wonderful people just smiled with love and said "Keep coming back".

And I did. It's a magical, wonderful thing, this gift of recovery.

Prayers for your daughter that she'll be able to learn her life lessons this time around and won't have to go thru this again.

Hugs, love, prayers

~ Cat
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Sending prayers for your daughter. (and you too) Hugs, Marle
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grateful rca
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sending prayers you way, and if all the crying i did was in my alanon meeting i'd think that was a little slow about letting it out. man i've been crying for yrs in meetings, on the bus talking to strangers who could care less about my addiction issues, even to the dogs. good for you, you probably deserve a good cry, maybe two.
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judge gave her 60 days to show solid and documented treatment since relapse. she was told very firmly "you solve this or i solve it for you next court date". she is really being given many chances.

but the truth is - she has to want it. she has to want her recovery more than anything else.

i cannot control this. i cannot control this. i cannot..........................
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grateful rca
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this is a good thing, don't you think? i know that she has to want it, but who's to say that she won't hear what she needs to hear to make her want it, in 60 days. i'm personall glad to hear this, it just may be her time. i'm still praying for you guys.
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yes, teke. i think it is a good thing. i pray it is her time, that she is done using and drinking. she has the tools and resources and support. now, in her (and god's) hands. thanks, k
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my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. thought I did not take my son to court I signed papers so that the police could put an all points bulletin out for him. Then I signed mental impairment papers on him. My son had been missing over over three days and his wife had not told me. I was informed via a dear friend by email. ( My dil had emailed him wanting to know should I be told) He immediately emailed me and I then went into action. The police found him on my bd and he was half dead , taken to the ER, and later to the psychiatric ward. I spent 11 hours of my bd in the ER where someone doing paperwork noticed it was my bd and said, "some way to spend your BD!" To which I replied, I am very grateful because I could be across town planning a funeral. You see, I believe God allowed my son to be found because he is of value and much to offer this world. He spent 7 days in the psychiatric ward and then I told him I would sign to have him go to jail BEFORE I would allow him to go to the THAT was hard....anyway, the substance abuse counselor offered him alternatives to jail and he put the ball in my son's court for my son to call the different centers and he found one that would take him. He is now five months clean and will hopefully be released on April 26 and we will take each day as he comes. If this is possible for our family it will be possible for your family too...never, ever, give up.......prayers sent your way, dixie
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Dear parentrecovers - As a Mom of AD I'm feeling your pain. Sending Prayers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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dear parent

ithink crying is gift ,, nothing to be embarrsed of,, it make u feel better,, and take the haevins out. i will be praying for u and your girl!! GOD bless u!!
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I remember my first meeting, I cried like a slobbering idiot...and BOY, did it feel good.
In fact, I attended a meeting right before I cam down here, and bawled all over again, and I've been attending meetings for a LONG time!

I think crying is free stress relief, and alot cheaper than seeing a psychologist!

Glad you're daughter was given an ultimatum...hope she decides to take the recovery route. I'm praying for her.

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i cried my first 5 meetings. I couldn't even talk; bless you and your daughter
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last night wasn't my first meeting, but it was my 3rd since relapse. so. i guess that's like a first meeting........
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