Crack user teeth advice needed

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Crack user teeth advice needed

I used to be a dental assistant, but I never worked with anyone that had used crack. Evidently it takes a real toll on the teeth?
The dentist is talking about root canals in RAS's entire mouth, then caps which would cost over 10k at least. He's only 30 yrs. old...hate to tell him to start getting them extracted, but I can't see how he could ever afford to fix them properly.
Was wondering if anyone had any experience with "crack user" teeth and if they were "fixable" or if they ended up coming out anyway.
All advice and info appreciated.
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my 22yr old son (DOC heroin) has had more dental work than I have and I'm 49. I was watching an intervention show that talked about crystal meth messing up your teeth too, I think all of these drugs do lots of damage to the teeth. regarding fixing them, I doubt theres much to be done.
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Unfortunelty, I've seen alot of dentures. Or no teeth at all because it is so expensive to fix them, so just they just have them pulled.
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HHMMMM. Funny my husbands teeth show no wear and tear. Neither do my recovering heroin addict brothers teeth.

However my father who is a legal oxycotin user has lost all his teeth due to the gastronitis caused by his meds. He had to ahve them pulled
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Have a dentist visit tomorrow. I will ask him.

Not using would be the biggest thing. 10K of dental work and continue useing could be throwing 10K away in my opinion.
I have 4 caps (not from drugs) and they serve me very well. The cost is the biggest issue but well worth it. Broken teeth repaired did wonders to help my smile and my selfesteem. More then I ever thought it would...yes well worth the $$ in my opinion.
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I have been a crack addict for 13 years and the only teeth problems I have had are the one's where they were knocked out in a robbery attempt on me. But I got all that fixed and it does help the self esteem ALOT!!!
I only have a flipper right now but it does the job. I can smile again!!
For me being too caught up in getting high to brush my teeth is the only thing that really would affect my teeth. But thats just me.

Also I use to hold quite a bit of that crap in my mouth between my lips and gums. Never did anything except numb my mouth.
I have a healthy mouth from what my dentist says.
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My abf's teeth are fine, no problem at all and his DOC is crack.
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Lucky for me none of my teeth in front decaded. One in back
rotted though.

yeah...if you attend NA meetings about half of the people
have dental problems. Some even has faults teeth at a young
age. New comers shares about their visit to the dental office
all the time. One of the benifits of a rehab center rather than
doing it on your own.

Retrieving documents, driver licence, social security card etc...are common list of things to do.
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My xagf had nice teeth but in hind site needed one fixed at the end. Probably to be pulled but not all of them are damamged. I googled and got some intereseting sites.
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Thinking about it my AH is obsessive about brushing his teeth. I truly mena obsessive, brushes everytime he eats or drinks anything and when planning a take off it would not surprise me to see his toothbrush go with him, and in teh real bad days he'd go MIA for 4 to 6 days and come back without showering, clothes falling apart, no shoes and no wallett, but he always had a new toothbrush. Maybe thats why his teeth have held up
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My daughter uses heroin and has bulimia. Still no cavities and beautiful white teeth, but she was always fastidious about twice a year dental visits and brushing and flossing. Now no dental insurance, but I think that mom will come up with money for that if she will go. Teeth are important. I have a partial upper due to my eating disorder and growing up before flouride so I want her to have good teeth. Marle
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My abf has nice teeth, too. For the last 10 his DOC has been crack. He had 6years clean, tho. maybe that helped. He does take care of his mouth, not as obsessively as Cinder's AH...
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I Was A Meth User. And I Am Saving My Money To Have All My Teeth Extracted, Because It Just Ate At It. And Also When I Have Had Root Canals And Crowns It Didnt Help. My Teeth Has Crumbled Apart. And Tooth Aches Galore..... Thank God I Am Clean Today. Posting This About My Teeth Really Makes Me Want To Stay Clean. Thanks I Am Kimmie A Grateful Recovering Addict.
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Guess I was confusing meth use with crack use. Also posted a reply that disappeared, I probably put it in the wrong place?
Anyway, thx for your adice and clarifying the prob for me!
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My oldest son, DOC crack, and whatever, has 11 teeth left in his mouth, which I feel is a direct link to using.

In fact, Mr. Moose and I promised him we would help him get them pulled and get dentures if he can stay on his sobriety quest.

To me, I'm funny about teeth....I feel like they are one of the first things a person see upon meeting you. I have had alot of dental work, trying to save mine. I had bad teeth from lack of dental care as a child, and I've had multiple implants done.
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I Agree Moose. But When Your In Your Drug Addiction It Doesnt Bother A Person Only When You Get A Toothe Ache. Lol
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I've been a dental assistant for over 20 years now. I have heard of meth mouth. It is comon for drug users and also people with financial hardships to have dental problems. If you don't have the money or frame of mind to get checkups, then usually by the time you can feel something is going on it is a bigger, costlier problem. Instead of a simple filing for $90, it ends up to be a root canal for $695 then a crown for $800 or an extraction. I would sure think hard about putting $10,000 in an adicts mouth. just because a root canal & crown is done, doesn't mean the tooth still can't decay at the margins. You need to have good home care to protect your investment. Perhaps a full upper denture and try to save 4-6 teeth on the lower and get a partial denture . An upper denture isn't that bad to get used to, and can make tings look good cosmetically. But a fuul denture on the lower is very very hard to get used to. A partial isn't that bad on the lower.
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i think taht a lot of addicts that i've seem, have dental problems too. in most treatment centers, they so referals to those state funded dentist, at least the one i know of do.
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I think that meth mouth is definitely an issue.

I've never heard that crack itself causes dental problems - I would imagine that a lot of it is poor dental hygiene as well as the inability or unwillingness to spend money going to the dentist.

I agree with Best... your smile is very important. I grind my teeth, and my front two were perfectly straight until about three years ago... my bite got "off" and one of them started getting shorter than the other... no one else really noticed it, but you can definitely tell in pictures when I started noticing it, because for three years there are no toothy smiles at all!

My dad found out last year that I went for an appointment for veneers but decided not to spend my savings on it... so he went to the dentist, told them he would pay for whatever I wanted, and then basically made me go get it done, because he knew it bothered me so much. He's not the type to give out money, but... gosh, it was like the best thing anyone did for me in a really long time. Just the other day, my sis took a pic with her digital camera, and I realized I'm a heck of a lot prettier now that I'm finally really smiling again!

However, I probably wouldn't spend a ton of money on someone's teeth who is an active addict... I'd sock it away for the day that person decided to get help. I've been through the rehab-insuranc wringer twice already, and it's a pickle. And even if it does pay for most... your copay is still really huge... and there are incidentals, like travel... I would think the $10K would come in handier for that kind of a celebration!
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i think the drug messes with your teeth,it mess with your whole body. i know pot discolors your teeth.
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