Anger came out....

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Anger came out....

Good morning everyone....
Well talked to the X yesterday both times it ended with me hanging up on him.. I want him to come and get his stuff, and he keeps putting it off or makes times that I'm not available to be here, I just don't trust him to let him in here by himself I was so mad, and he's acting like he's king sh**t.. telling me he's been out drinking, being invited out,got plans to do this and that..and then he was on the you owe me money HA I said that is when I got mad... I said you owe me alot more than money, and that's when I lost it, I said you screwed with my life!!! not only by leaving me with the rent and all the bills but emotionally,and physically scarred..... I told him come and get your stuff or it will be put to the curb!! just like you!! Oh I was so mad... I hadn't been that mad since he left... and I thought I had moved beyond it but I guess not...I guess it just got to me that he is out there not paying rent, and drinking every night and doing his drugs and I'm here struggling..... just doesn't seem right....
Thanks for letting me vent

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Dear liz - I was picturing him yesterday - in the rain - and hoping he came and got it over with and you could say, as you answered door with your coat and umbrella, "I just going out so take and go I have an appointment" Feeling your pain hoping that the sun shines in Surrey today. It's OK to be angry.((HUGS))
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Hi Brownie,
Thanks hun!!
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I'm no angel!
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Let er rip, then toss his stuff outside.
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