When did you realize you weren't crazy?

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grateful rca
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you guys made me think. my ah would come in some days and accuse me of using and i've been clean for yrs now. at the time,i kind of thought it was a sign that he had used or was about to use. true enough he would go awol for 3-4 days soon after that. so thats what it was, he was trying to divert the attention away from his using by trying to convince me that he thought that i was using, putting me on the defense while he goes on his merry way with his using............ lightbulb!!!!!
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let it grow!
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you mean i'm not crazy!?!?!? whew, what a relief..

i reliezed i wasn't crazy when i dug in and really learned about the disease of alcoholism and got myself with other folks in alanon who were going through the same chaos. i actually remembering thinking at one of my first meetings, when i was still in so much crisis - "these look and sound like regular normal people...i mean, we can't all be crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!)

blessings, k
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The day I found out "I" was not the crazy one, was when I joined the site. I read post's after post's of other's who were going through the same thing that I was!
Yesterday it was confirmed when my AH admitted to me all the lies he told me.
Feels good not to be "crazy" anymore!
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when my son was activly using he would deny everything, even when I would find the little bags he would say that was from before. It got to a point where I thought I was paranoid. then I got just a wee bit smarter and used to say yeah ok whatever junkie and everytime he tried to talk I'd say whatever junkie til he finally gave in and admitted things to me, not that that did anything but I thought at the time it did.
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The day I found out I wasn't crazy?
Let's see...January 18th...when my husband told me that he was doing drugs (or rather I had an epiphany of some kind that he confirmed).
The actual date? January we sat in the counselor's office and learned that my husband is an addict.
The REAL date? March 1st...when I joined SR and found a connection, hope, support, information, reality, and so much more.
Messed up and "wking2change"? Yes.
Crazy? No.
Thank God!
Be blessed...
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the girl can't help it
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I found out that being in my mind is CRAZy...the day I stopped listening to my thoughts and feeling my feelings instead I became sane...
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I Am Just Now Getting To Where I Don't Think I Am Crazy.
Although Every Now And Then, I Ask Myself, "are Ya Sure?
This Time Could Be Different." But Then I Come Back To
Reality And Realize That I Am Not Crazy. But Now, My
Marriage Is At The Point Where I Am Not Sure. He Seems
To Be Better And Really Wanting To Try. But I Can't Get
Over All That Has Happened And All That He Has Said And
Done. I'm Not Even Sure If I'm Inlove With Him Anymore.

So I Say I Finally Think I'm Not The Crazy One, But We Still Have
Along Ways To Go.

Good Luck To Ya All.
Many Prayers And Hugs Yalls Way.
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Yah, that is exactly how I felt. Always made to feel bad for even accusing him of doing something "like that".

Things came to a head about 3 weeks ago. He was in rehab and is now out and we are slowly putting things back together.

sometimes the lies to your face, hurt more than the addiction itself.
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The day I found out *I* wasn't the crazy one was the day I found SR and read
the "What addicts Do" sticky. It was a real eye opener for me, as I found out
I wasn't crazy, the things that were happening were just "what addicts do"
as the disease of addiction had progressively gotten worse for my AH.
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