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Welcome to SR. My daughter is 17 and has had to go through what your going through too. Her brother is now 22 and we just kicked him out of the house. I have to admit our house has been very peaceful since he left about a week and a half ago. I am really worried about him as each day goes by and we don't hear anything, but hopefully he will hit rock bottom and see the light. You are in my prayers.

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A HUGE thank you to all of you for your words!

I feel right at home!

I am determined not to let this ruin my life! Im studying journalism online at the moment while i work as a receptionist. (i finished my matric last year) I know that my life needs to go on. I will always be there for my brother but only when he asks for help.

You guys have been great!

Thank you!
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I'm no angel!
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Secret Mom,

Thanks for the infro...perhaps "catch" was not a proper word to use, just popped into my head as I typed, yes, I know it is a gene thing.

As for me, I am almost 60, children are not in the picture, and at 49 my brother is not interested either. Neither of us had yearning to have children, and neither of us regret our decision.
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Welcome Mish - I'm a Mom of a Heroin addict. So glad you found SR - wonderful wise people here for 24/7. I see a lot had to look up tik - thanks Jewelz for the answer. You will not go through this alone even I can feel the love and encouragement being sent to you. ((((HUGS))))
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Thanks for the welcome brownie!

I can also feel the love! I am so happy i found SR! :-)
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