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grateful rca
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thank god, that he has you, though. you are a good grandma and mother, you can only do so much, so give your grandson a hug for me
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let it grow!
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hey lostparent - sorry about your situation. hope you're protecting yourself now by locking up valuables and account info, etc.

addicts steal. my daughter did it without even a blink of an eye. i understand how heartbreaking it is.

blessings, k
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parent ..Sad thing is I had just got 2 lock boxes the last week of Feb because I had a feeling she was using again...locked up credit cards an Sd s rings an stuff , didn't think about the blank checks.
Thanks for the thoughts an blessings..
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lostparent !!
youre very strong!! God bless u,, everything will be ok .!!
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Thanks.. I don't feel like a strong person, would like nothing better than to have a break down or something an not wake up until everything is better...but I'm sure most of you have felt that way at one time or since I can't disappear I'm just taking it one day at a time, an trying not to worry about the future to much.
I have learned alot on here that God I found Soberrecovery !!!!!!
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Get Caught Reading
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Sorry I'm late coming into your ordeal.
Just finished reading and feel like I've gone back in time.
My son robbed my home of dvd's, video games, jewelry, and checks.
The checks is what worried my husband and I the most.
Of course he wrote them. We called the police and he was arrested within just a few hours.
Wish you could read my "past", but it's gone now. lol
Long story short...
He spent 6 months in county prison and when he went to court, I dropped the charges. I wish now that I had stuck to them and made him do the time.
He's still out there, and yes, using. He was also stopped recently for no headlights on when pulling out of a parking lot. His friend, if you want to call him that, was driving, but they were both checked. My son was carrying pot.
He didn't arrest them, but told them they would have to show up in court.
My son quit his job immediately and is in hiding here now. Not only is he on probation in pa., and in violation of that, warrants and all, he now has a warrant here. It's just a matter of time...
I feel for ya, sweetie. It seems she is on a downward spiral.
Let it happen. I know it's hard. I really and truly do.
Remember, hindsight is 20/20.
You will look back and wish you had done what you could to stop this.
All said with love and understanding,
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Book...Thanks for telling me your story I know something needs to be done..I just have to get the courage to do it. I'm a whimp when my thumb was hurt I walked around in pain for months before going to the doc because I was afraid of what they would do, turns out it was a simple 1/2 hr surgery an it was fixed no more pain, I suffered more during those months of waiting...this with AD is alot like that only on a bigger scale..
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