Worst case scenario just happened

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He sound like my husband gets when actively using. I am sorry for your pain
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You should be very proud of yourself. You did exactly the right thing. It's so scary to see in person what addiction turns the people you love into. They become strangers. As we all know, he has to be the one who decides enough is enough and until that happens the only thing you can do for your own well being (and your grandchilds) is being steadfast in your refusal to allow him to come home. It's the hardest thing you will ever have to do in your life, but also the most important.
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There is nothing I can add to what has been said, other then you and your family are in my prayers hon
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the girl can't help it
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I have a brother that gets violent with my mom and she continues to put up with it he started the violence at around your sons age he has gone away for extended periods of time and comes back and starts drinking and drugging at my mom's house and eventually he gets around to being violent. I have begged my mom not to let him stay there and yet she still does and now he is in his middle 50's living in my moms house doing the same thing he was doing in his 20's...I can't help but wonder if my mom had been stronger when he was younger if he would be clean by now and also my 2 other siblings who still live at home using dope and drinking. What I do know is that when mom dies they won't be staying at my house.

I absolutly think you did the right thing violence in any form is totally unacceptable. I know your heart must be really hurting I will keep you in my prayers...
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I can't even imagine what you are feeling but I can tell you some point our addicts need to know that simply saying they are sorry doesn't change anything and doesn't take away a situation or what transpired in that situation. Said simply...saying sorry is just not enough when it gets passed a certain point.
I am so sorry for your heartache right now but you did what was right for you. Continue to do what is right for you. Prayers to you and your family.
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((((wabbit))) i am so sorry. i feel terrible for you. you did the right thing but i know it does not make you feel any better. we are here for you. stay prayers are for you & your son too. i hope this is his bottom.
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Just another voice letting you know that you did the right thing. He had no right to behave that way and you do not have to stand for such abuse. You help him and yourself when you put your foot down with him. Stand firm.
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I am so sorry! I hate addiction! My heart goes out to you and I will keep you in my prayers.
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im sending you prayers a and good vibes.11
my addict is my husband,, and also my sister,,and my brother..
addicts can hurt people alot,, but its becouse they dont feel anymore becouse ther are so hurted,,.. they are numb to feel wht we can feel.
i hope your son gets better and that everything will beok.
and hat youwill be strong in whatever you feel is right. GOd bless you
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remember to breathe
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prayers coming your way............
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What everyone else said, but especially anyone who said he is DANGEROUS.

People on drugs are dangerous and unpredictable. They can hurt you and they do kill parents, lovers, children.. and you can find the stories in the news every day.

Stay safe and, as said many times here, he is responsible for himself. He is 28 and an adult.
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Hey Wabbit? Just making sure you are ok. How is every thing going?
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Ohmigosh Wabbit, I am a little late on this post, but here is a big hug for you and to tell you that if you stick to your boundaries everything will be alright in the end. You absolutely must protect yourself, your property and your non-using family members. Even though it hurts so so much, you are doing the right thing. Stick to your principles and we are here for you!!! Don't let your addict manipulate you into making a bad decision!!!
(((((Wasically Wabbit)))))))
Keep us posted.
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Sorry, a bit late here.
How are you?

One of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life was the same thing you had to do.
I worried that he didn't have anywhere to stay, nothing to eat, and on and on.
But, let me tell you, our A's are very resourceful. I am hoping and praying, his H.P. will lead him to recovery.

Stay strong.
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it is what it is
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response to worst case scenario

I am new to this forum but as I was reading your story I could certainly feel empathy for your situation. My son is 27. He was in rehab and had a job - it had been about a year since any real trouble but the last month has been a nightmare and now he is back in jail for burglary and possession. Hearts break and you think there can be no more pain but this enemy can bring more pain in - I am so sorry for you and your family - and if there is any comfort in it for you - you are so not alone - my prayers will include you tonight -
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wicked (06-13-2010)
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Hi Litehorse. Welcome to the site.

This is a pretty old post from 2007 but wow. What an awful one. I hope wascally wabbit has found the strength to remove herself and the rest of her family from her son's addiction.

Please share your story in a seperate thread if you haven't already done so. There are many parents of addicts who are going through what you are going through. They will be able to share their stories and their strength and their hope with you.
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wicked (06-13-2010)
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Hallelujah!! A crisis!! It's in these crises that hitting a wall can happen.

Sometimes it is the family member who hits the wall, and another level of non-enabling begins.

Sometimes it is the addicted loved one who hits a wall and is ready for another level of recovery (perhaps to surrender to Step 1!).

Pray for wisdom to know how best to handle this crisis your son has created. God is good!!

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This thread is 3 years old and I am closing it as the original poster is not here to respond or read your messages.

Anyone wanting to start a new thread is welcome to do so.
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