So sorry for my absence!

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Unhappy So sorry for my absence!

Sorry I haven't been around to fulfill my duties lately. I have been in training for the past month on a job that, at my age, requires all that I have to give! lol (really!!)

It's even zapped the youngest one of our 7 students (23) so I'm lucky I can even attempt to keep up.

I still have another week and 1/2 to get through. It will take me awhile to get comfortable with my job out of training but once I get to do some "hands-on" investigations, I will get the swing of it. (I hope!)

Hopefully then I will have more time to come here. I miss SR. I NEED SR! This codie is suffering, big time!

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grateful rca
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thanks for the update, glad to hear that you are doing ok on your new job.
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the girl can't help it
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Thanx for the up date I was wondering where you were. Sorry you are having to suffer though(((((Marteen))))
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I for one have missed you terribly. And I'm happy to report I've been good......I promise.
Hurry back. It's not the same around here without you.
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Marteen, I am going to say right here in public how very very proud of you I am. You have taken huge steps and really "put yourself out there" to train for this job that has "you" written all over it.

Your courage and determination is a huge inspiration to me.

Yes, I miss you, but I know you'll be back when you get settled in this new career. And what a party we will have then!!!!

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You go girl!
Git 'er done! lol

(((Marteen))) Hope things calm down soon...we miss you
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Hey, Marteen! Hadn't heard from you in awhile! Glad to hear that you're adjusting to your new job and leaving all the youngsters in the dust, LOL Keep up the good work! We miss you too, hun!
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Love and proud hugs.

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Marteen I am proud of you. Thanks for checking up here I have been wondering where you were.

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I'm HOME!!!!!
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We've missed you, but of course yer doing well, YOU GO GIRL!!! We all knew you'd shine!!
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