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I am sitting here at work with my eyes watering up because of all the support you give me. I don't feel so strong right now and wish I could do what people think is right.
Jewelz, don't ever base your decisions on what other people think is right for you. Only you know what is right for you and your heart will tell you the truth. Never be afraid to live your truth. Never be afraid to stand for what is right for you, even if you stand alone.

Sweetie, we each have our own truths and mine is not like anyone else's, nor is yours. Your recovery is shining and I admire the process that you have in place. You are doing nothing in anger or when very emotional, you are thinking it all through. Stay with him one day at a time, and if you come to the decision that leaving would be better, then do it because it's right for you, not because of anything else or what anyone else thinks.

God will see you through each day, no matter what your choices. Know that and know that you are never alone and your path will be lit.

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I am constantly thinking, wondering if I do this if thats right or if I do that if thats right... back and forth. It doesn't end at times. At this moment I do not know whats the right move to make. I mean I know I should do make him leave end the relatiosnhip, move on, take care of myself and eventaully down the line meet someone who makes me happy and so forth.

But even though I know those are the things that people think i should be doing I am just not there yet. Sometimes I am wondering to myself why do i want to wait till it gets bad, till he is angry asking for money, or stealing ( which he has never did to me) and so forth. I just don't know. There is still something inside of me that loves him, it's still burning... and I am not sure if I want the flame out... that is what gets me stuck here.

I wish I could reply to all of you but I get so emotional that it is overwhelming for me esspecially to do so at work. But know that each and evry reply here has warmed my heart and made it feel a little less heavy.

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He wants the family but he doesn't want to do any work to keep it.
Same here duet, same here.

Jewelz you and I are in the same place right now, I share your pain. I was thinking of you all night.
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