pray for us

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pray for us

my husband is in rehab again,,
please pray for us it will work this time amen
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I will be hoping that it works out this time. One time eventually it will stick!
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Nature Girl
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My prayers go out too, that he may truly find his miracle this time. And prayers of comfort for you, I know this isn't easy, but it's a step in the right direction.

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grateful rca
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my prayers are with you and your husband, sorry that he had to go back but its a good thing that he did. keeping all of you in my prayers and a special prayer for your husband.
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Prayers for you and your husband. And while he's there, I hope you'll take healthy care of yourself.

Hangin' In
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(((Hopeforever)))I hope he gets it this time.
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My prayers are with you and your husband.
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mine go up for him & you.hugs
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let it grow!
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prayers and encouragement coming your way, k
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Add my prayers that this is his time
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Praying for you both...I truly hope his time is now. Hugs
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Sending my prayers that it will work out for both of you. Hugs, Marle
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My prayers and hopes go out to you. Remember to take time for yourself.
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Get Caught Reading
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Take care of you, sweetie.
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Prayers for this time to be different and for better days to come.
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Prayers for you and your family. I wish my AH would go back to rehab.
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thank youa ll

thank u everyone,, i feel so happy to have you here!! and thanks for praying!1 i thik GOd hera the prayers,,.. i feel much stronger today.
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Adding my prayers for you and your husband.
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Dear HopeForever,

I truly ask for a peace and healing to be sent to both you and your husband.

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I will keep you and him in my prayers daily.

Best wishes, hope3
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