Funeral for Greeneyes was Monday.

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Funeral for Greeneyes was Monday.

Mywife is at peace. There was alot of confusion for the members of our family on Monday. But we didnt forget that the services for you wife was Monday. In case you check in all of us here wanted to let you know that you and your family are still in our daily prayers for some measure of comfort in all your pain. Just know we were and are still thinking of you.

((((((((((((((((((((((((Mywifeisatpeace))))))))))) ))))))))))))))))))

The candle still burns.
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i hope just knowing we are here helps a little.sending prayers, hope
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we are here and i hope you com back,, .
i m sending your kids hugs. and im parying for you family.
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You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, today and through the coming days. May the love and support of the people here somehow offer you some comfort during these painful times.

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thank you all. the funeral went off great. it was beautiful and we had an open casket. at first her mother was not too sure if it would be a good idea. but after all was done she was happy that we had it that way. we all got to pay our last repects to her. she had alot of friends and it was standing room only and people were even lined up outside. she looked like she was still sleeping and at peace. after school I borught my daughter up to the cemetery where she left mommy some flowers and we spent a few minutes visiting. us and close friends and family. thank you all my friends for all your spiritual support. she would have loved that. and on a side note, i somehow think that the confusion of yesterday was her way of telling us she is ok and still around and thinking of all of you as well. It would be so like her.
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grateful rca
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thanks for the update, and i'll continue to pray for you, your daughter and the rest of your family. may god be with you.
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My prayers continue to be with you and your family. Take comfort in knowing you have an online family who cares and is here to support you.

Hangin' In
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Rest peacefully Sonny Boy
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I've not expressed my condolences yet. It upset me too much when I read your original post. I didn't know what to say. Still don't. Just that my heart hurts for you and your daughter and everyone who lost her. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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My prayers continue for you and your family. Remember we are here for you.
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here she is at her best.
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now she can rest in peace...forever at her best....

I am very sorry that you are having to go through this loss. I spent some time at the grief and
loss forum here reading after I lost my loved ones. You may look over there when things settle down.
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As terrible as the days leading up to this have been, there are some more difficult days ahead. Especially as those who support and love you begin to return to their mundane lives. For me, after the loss of a loved one, I felt very abandoned. My pain had not diminished.

I found a face to face grief support group that was very helpful. In addition, I urge you to continue to come to these boards and drop of pain and concern and joy and whatever you have for however long it takes. There are no rules around grief. We all go at our own pace.

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Continuing to send prayers for you and your family and all who loved and miss Greeneyes. She is definitely at peace and I pray that you find comfort in the beautiful memories and knowing that she is in a better place and no longer suffering.

I too saw ways I believe my daughter sent her message. The night of her viewing...a lovely, warm day, as soon as the last person on line got into the funeral home, the wind picked fierce that our tiny town was mentioned on large city newscasts for the hurricane force winds recorded...and the skies opened with a rain and huge hail...a storm like I have never experienced in my lifetime. All power went out, only to come back on several hours later when I needed it to prepare what I wanted to say at the next day's service. And although the storm was incredible and not predicted, there was no property damage, just lots of downed limbs. I knew she was sending a message and suspect that she and my little brother who died young too were getting together to cause some would be so like them

Hugs and prayers.
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your wifes memory will always stay in everyones hearts
and she will always be watching you and your kids. .. i think she would want you tooon with life and behappy and allth goodthings. ihope her pain will start leaving you soon. GOd bless you
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Thinking of you still...keeping you and your daughter in my prayers.....what a nice picture of her--so pretty--and you say the funeral was standing room only--that says alot about who she was while she was here--very special,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Get Caught Reading
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Sending continuing prayers and support for you and your family. I pray that the coming days are filled with comfort for you.Please continue to share with us here.I like having your thoughts and input on addiction from a husband's pov.(point of view)


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thank you all. we have gone to her grave 2 times since she has been buried. I go after I pick up from head start. she leaves mom a letter and she leaves a letter for god too. I like coming here even though there no longer is an alcoholic/addict in my life. but I know what they go through and I know what we go through being with one. opposites attract is so true.
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Just sending you my love and prayers for your loss. Many heartfelt hugs to you during this time and in the future.

Love to you,
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