1st Day Down on New Job!

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1st Day Down on New Job!

Well day 1 is done...Wew!....

The hardest part is walking into the office the 1st that part over and everyone was so busy...knew programs having glitches, so I just sort of amused myself for the first little bit...then I went off with a lady for some training...

This job is a two part job...part payroll and the other part a scanning project...they have just created this job for now it is for 6 months...the payroll part is in need as one of our co-workers is not well, so the rest of the crew has taken on the high end of her job and they need help in the bottom end of what they would do, plus they needed help in this scanned project and they came up with this trial postiion.

I covered my bases and took a leave from my job....

On Wed. night the girls invited me out with them, we are going for dinner and the to a movie...I love going out for dinner and I havent' been to a movie in years...

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congrats on the new job rose!!
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Just plainly tired
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Rose, whew I hate the first day at a new job, esspecially walking in and meeting people. But you know what it gets easier the next time your in and at least you got the over with. Rose, I am so proud of you, you have come a long way. Woohoo!!!!

Enjoy the movies and dinner!!

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Hi Rose! Good for You! Always pretended on the first day that it was at least two weeks later - 1st days are a little scary. Dinner and a movie sounds good. Had my hair cut today so look like myself - feel better when I look better. Enjoy Wed. night.
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Happy First Day, Rose. They are so lucky to have you there and they don't even know it yet. They will!!!

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I didn't realize this until today...I knew the job was in 2 in 1 split...I didn't know that I was working under the Vice President of the University for part of it...he came into my little office today, I said to one of the gals what is he doing in here....He is your Boss Honey...What do you mean he is my boss!
On Friday afternoon I wheeled my cart of coffee and cookies to him and his Ta Ta's...Monday Morning comes and I am working for him...I had no idea and it is a good thing I didn't, my nerves would have been shot...I just sat there stund and thought what am I doing in here, just what did I apply for... thought, think I will order up some coffee and cookies! LOL

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Congratulations on the new job Rose...I know you will be terrific! The most nerve wracking part is one. Now you will just wow them with your Rosiness!
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For a first day, it sounds pretty good! Each day will get easier. Dinner and movie sounds good for Wed night. That's pretty cool that they are inviting you out already, (but then again, it doesn't take long to see that you are pretty cool too!).
Have a great time Wed. And have a great 2nd day at work!
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sounds as if you gave a good first impression, you have been invited out. that is great.i wish you well & hope this turns into just what you need.hugs,hope
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oh Rose, that's great. sometimes it's best when we don't know all the details lol

good luck to you.
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i happyfor you taht you ahve anew job,, that firdst day was not bad lol and that youre going to have some fun you deserve it!!
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Rose, I'd say that VP had better be careful. You might have HIS job pretty soon.

You go get 'em gal. They are lucky to have you!

Hangin' In
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Rose, Congratulations on getting that first day under your belt. I bet you feel relieved. Hugs, Marle
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grateful rca
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congratulations and i'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your new co workers
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