what a relief!!!!

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what a relief!!!!

Wow glad to find the friends and family board. Even if its all new..or a temp board...............Thanks Ann for your quick reply to my PM
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I wonder how many PM's the mods and greeters got today? I PM'd CECE who is a greeter to find out what was going on. I recognized the names from this forum. Thanks CECE for getting back to me so fast too b4 I went and bought a new computer for fear thinking something happened to mine and I couldnt get on here!!! Good Lord sometimes my mind is a terrible place to be!
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Just plainly tired
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wow glad it back. I now know for sure I am addicted to this site. Thanks to our other board family and friends of alcoholics, without you guys I would have been completely lost. I hope they are able to get back out posts.... it seems so emoty around here.

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That was upsetting!

Lost my friends!

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I wondered what was going on. I have had a few troubles logging in lately. Glad to know you all are working on it. I really do love this board!
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yeaaaaaaaaa we back..
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ok l;ol lets have a cake and cofee for the foum to be back!
yeepe yea!!! lol
gald its back
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grateful rca
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glad to see all of you guys, i didn't know what had happened, thought it was something wrong with my comp. i felt so lonely
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