I would be Pretty Stupid . . . . .

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I would be Pretty Stupid . . . . .

Hello, My Name is Hammer.

Checking in, here to get to work.

Copied down from the FFA Alkies section . . . .


So I chaired a meeting last week -- my sponsor was out, and he was supposed to chair, so I was promoted to the task.

Tried to cover a topic I see a LOT of you ask about. The Big Happy Ending you/we/I always seem to ask about and want.

I guess I have told you all my sponsor was married for 56 years, knew his Mrs. for 60 years, and they were AA (her) and Alanon (him) for 34 years. She died this last year, but he is my sponsor because I want what he had.

So at any rate, this particular group is a High Mileage Long Timer group with some SERIOUSLY good "angels" in it for me. Other folks have 30+ years, a couple of the women have outlived their A's (who were also regular work-the-program A(s)). But to answer the common question of those who make it . . . . that seems to be the "trick." They both take their program quite seriously, and work it.

I picked the theme for story night as "How Do Long Time Couples Make It?" Went around the room and THAT was the common theme. They Work Their Program, and You Work Yours.

Even one lady who divorced her A husband. Turns out now they are good friends and they do stuff together. Some 20+ years sober. But Both are working their own program.

Finally the last guy in the room. A Plumber. I like him, but he is a Plumber. I am an Electrical Guy. I came up in the trades, and now an Engineer in the same. In practice . . . on job sites . . . The Plumbers and Electricians tend to stick forks in each other. Just established pissing roles.

So went it came to him last, he said, that was all pretty good stories, but he was thinking about something else.

He knows I have not been doing my step work.

He got to square on me and unload. So funny. Started talking about some guy that told him a story about "How to make it, in a 12 Step Program." Said the guy had told him . . .

"I would think that if I were in a Step Based Program, like this one . . . I would be pretty stupid for Not Working those Steps. I am just speaking about what some guy told me but -- Would not you think someone NOT working the steps was Pretty Stupid?"

Shocked the hell out of me, but I could not but help laugh and love him for that.

Even as arrogant as I am -- I LOVE Correction.

So that is what Hammer is now doing. Not worrying or concerning so much about Mrs. Hammer. Hammer is going to be working HIS Steps and Getting MY Side in VERY GOOD Order.

Otherwise -- I have to agree with the Plumber -- I would be Pretty Stupid.
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Getting started into this . . . . Wow. The Steps. Just like the poster of the 12 Steps on meeting room wall.

Walking up closer it is like walking up to the inscription walls on the Lincoln Memorial. When you stand back and look at them you can read them easily. But as you walk up, they get larger and are way over your head. They just keep getting BIGGER and BIGGER the closer you get.

Had NO IDEA they were such a Big Deal. Just words . . . but much, much bigger than me.

But they are Steps. One Step at a time, and The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Chairman Mao, of all people, about the Long March. Marching always makes me think back to Army times.

In my Basic Training company -- about 200 guys – only me and 3 others passed the driver’s test. So I spent most of Basic Training driving. Ammo truck, ambulance, supplies, food.

Only had to do one long march in all of Basic Training. Suppose I made up for that later when I got all carried away and went back in Combat Arms as an officer. Lotta long trips in boots, then.

So what would LT. Hammer, back then told me, now?

I know. I remember that guy.


LT Hammer: Quit Talking. Get walking.

That is why it is called “steps,” not just a bunch of words.

Continue to March.


Yes, Sir.


My daily prayer for the trip ahead.

Dear God,

Please make me a Godly Man. Please direct the thoughts of my mind and heart, the words of my mouth, and my actions to serve You.

Please make me a Godly Husband, that I may have a Godly Wife.

Please make me a Godly Father, that I may raise Godly Children to Your honor and glory.

Please make me a Godly Servant, that I may serve my customers and employers, my community, and my groups, according to Your will and Your way.

In Jesus’s Name,

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