speaking of savannah

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speaking of savannah

has anyone heard from her? or are you lurking in the shadows???? if so,please pm me....i have thought about you a few times over the holidays when i myself had a few episodes of really really bad depression........would really like to know you have hung in there. hugs to you.
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i hope that she's ok - been thinking about her myself!
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Did she get a job and not have to move? Was she feeling better physically?

I've thought about her alot, too and wondered how she was. (how all of you were. I missed ya'all

Savanah,.........if you're out there, let us know how you're doing, ok?

Besides the death of my ex-brother-in-law on Christmas eve and the co-worker that uses people, talks non-stop about how great she is and drives me nuts......hee hee, I've been doing well.

I've lost weight doing Taebo every day. That work out helps me SO much more than just losing the weight. I get out all my frustrations with it. I'm tired after the workout and I feel good!!

Have given myself a makeover, have even changed in the way I see things. I went to 3 funerals just in December alone. My parents are both gone and now I just hug alot more, say "I love you" alot more and find something positive about every day. I have my weak moments dealing with greif, but I know I'm growing and learning instead of staying stagnate. My faith helps me out alot there.

No men in my life except for my son and my dog I'm SO good with that. It gets lonely at times, but no more lonely than my marraige was. Plus,........I like me, I'm a pretty nice person. So, I can be by myself and be okay with that.

I don't know when I'll ever date again, it's not a priority. I'd just like to get to know me more right now and do things with my kids.

I do hear from my xabf, from time to time, who is still on the farm working his sobriety. It's been 5 months of sobriety for him and he loves it. I can hear the change in him by his voice. He seems so much happier. He no longer puts so much emphasis in pleasing his family ( who are still very much in denial) and when he gets out in Sept. 2006, he says that he's not moving back to this big city. He does much better with the more quieter life in the suburbs and he's getting a great job working with a good non-profit org. which is part of the farm's program.

By the 6th month, half way through the program, if the men are doing well with sobriety, then they help them find a job that they would be good at and let them work there for a few hours per day, so that they can break back into society alot easier when it comes time to.

I have a lot more hope for him than I did before and when we talk, it's short, but respectful and encouraging.

I pray that he stays on the right path for his sake.

((hugs)) Sorry for the threadjack, SBS!
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i dont mind the good cuz if savannah gets on,she'll know whats been going on!! i have a crappy memory,and am usually too lazy to go back and research everybody's i was glad you mentioned the place your ex is,cuz then it brought some of your history back for me!!
last i remember,she popped in for a very short time before the holidays...and was still quite depressed----but maybe she has moved and is busy.least thats all i hope it is.
ive been reinventing myself too. in alot of ways. i have slight relapses at times,but all in all im so much better than i was when i first came here.
i joined a gym,and it finally opened yesterday-though i been sick i went both days and did alittle.............i am trying to mix my life up a bit--break out of some of my routines.
i am also getting more used to being totally single,and am honestly starting to really like it. so much so,that i know i will be much more picky and wiser in my choices.i always wanted a relationship--it was a definate---not so anymore!
for so long,i was so disappointed that my ex blew me off totally....actually when i read you hear from yours on occasion,i was a bit envious.but it only lasted for a second. guess i HAVE made progress!!!
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I was wondering how you are doing as well Savanah. I truly hope they are going well. Hoping for an update on ya!
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I was thinking of Savannah as well..

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as always me too.......
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Acting not reacting
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Me too!
Savanna- hope you are better
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