Something nice....

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Something nice....

I guess our two best friends have decided not to drink when we go to there house too. They had invited us and my brother over and he ALWAYS wants to drink (no he hasn't got a problem - just no social life and likes a glass of wine to mark the occassion). It took me a LONNNNNG time to get my brother to realise there was no booze in our house and it's difficult because I can't really explain why to him.

Anyway - my brother didn't drink or ask either so I guess our friends must have said something to him. I suppose most of this doesn't make much sense? It's one thing for friends to respect it here but to keep to juice in their own house, having never been asked to - that seems to me an extra mile. To take part trying to explain that to my brother, is another mile on top! It wouldn't have happened like that by chance.

We had a lovely evening. I'm glad I didn't fall out with them through the first stumbling **** ups!! I remember last christmas they suggested our get together was a pub crawl!! Things take time but the results are worth it.
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I've said it before and I'll say it again. You guys are really blessed to have such understanding, caring and loving friends. sssssiiiiggggghhhhhh
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Things take time but the results are worth it.
I couldn't agree more.
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